Information about Caffeine And Blood Pressure

{SCA} The relation between caffeine and blood pressure is very a complex one. Researchers are trying hard to determine the exact effect that caffeine has on blood pressure levels.

It has already been determined that the systolic blood pressure, in hypertensive patients  who consume coffee or carbonated drinks or a lot of chocolates, goes up by 14-15mm of Hg, whereas the diastolic pressure increases by 12-13mm of Hg.

The reason behind this is not very certain. People who are not regular consumers of beverages containing caffeine have a temporary increase of blood pressure which is sharp enough to cause  jitters or shaking of the body.

Many scientists believe that the caffeine present in coffee or similar products helps in narrowing the blood vessels because they act on a hormone called adenosine which helps in keeping the  blood vessels wide.

While another group of researchers suggest that caffeine stimulates  your adrenalin gland to release adrenaline and cortisol which increase the blood pressure.

Whatever the reasons may be, let us look at some examples of the complex relationship between caffeine and blood pressure in men and women.

In men, it has been found that those who regularly drink caffeine based beverages have a higher range of blood pressure when they start to do so. Over time they become used to the extra caffeine and their blood pressure becomes normal. On the other hand, some men who are regular consumers of caffeine based beverages always have blood pressure readings which are above normal.

Those men who don’t drink caffeine have normal levels of blood pressure.

An interesting research conducted on 155500 women shows very interesting  results. As per the study it was concluded that women who consume coffee had normal levels of blood pressure, while the group consuming carbonated drinks had high levels of blood pressure. The women who consumed neither of the two beverages had normal blood pressure levels.

So these complications are still being researched and analyzed. Researchers are trying their level best to find the relation between caffeine and blood pressure.