Nutrient Composition of The TLC Diet for High Cholesterol

{SCA} The Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (TLC) cholesterol-reducing diet is based on reducing saturated fat and Cholesterol in your diet.

Here are the recommended amounts of nutrients.

1. Saturated fat: Less than 7% of total calories

2. Polyunsaturated fat: Up to 10% of total calories

3. Monounsaturated fat: Up to 20% of total calories

4. Carbohydrate: 50% to 60% of total calories

5. Fiber: 20 to 30 grams per day

6. Protein: Approximately 15% of total calories

7. Cholesterol: Less than 200 mg per day

8. Total calories: Balance calories taken in and calories burned to keep desirable body weight and prevent weight gain