Useful Methods of Diabetes Cure and Treatment

{SCA} Treatment for Diabetes

In this article we are going to discuss about the proper way on implementing treatment for diabetes. Though there are more diabetes types, in this article we will only cover treatment of diabetes type 1 and type 2. This is due to the reason that those two are the most common found diabetes types in our society. Let’s get into more details on this subject.

Treatment for Type 1 diabetes – The body of people having Type 1 diabetes is unable to produce the right amount of insulin that the body needs. People having Type 1 diabetes will need to take insulin injections everyday.

Sometimes insulin will be available in certain forms that can be inhaled and they will not have to be injected. The insulin will have to be taken everyday.

There are different varieties of insulin that are used to treat people having Type 1 diabetes. The kind of insulin that is required will depend on how much time is required for the insulin to work inside the body. Using certain types of insulin can also cause some side effects.

People having Type 1 diabetes will have to keep checking their blood sugar levels many times during the day. They will have to inject insulin in the body using a syringe, pump or a pen.

They should also follow a strict diet chart that will help in maintaining the blood sugar levels in the body. The timing of each meal is also important. If any meal is skipped or even taken later than the normal time, it will cause the blood sugar levels to drop.

The blood sugar levels will also drop if he eats too little or does too much exercise or has even taken more insulin than is required. He might feel giddy, start sweating or even feel sleepy. He can drink some fresh fruit juice or have some dry fruits or any other food that is rich in glucose in order to bring his blood sugar levels back to normal.

Treatment for Type 2 diabetes – Type 2 diabetes normally occurs in people who have a sedentary lifestyle which consist of no exercise and a very irregular diet pattern. The first step in treating diabetes is following a proper diet chart along with regular exercise.

This will help in keeping the blood sugar levels stable up to a certain extent. But this alone will not be enough. Certain medicines will have to be taken orally to maintain the blood sugar levels normally. Sometimes a combination of drugs will be required. These drug combinations will sometimes be available in the form of a single tablet. Some people have to take oral medication as well as insulin injections in order to keep the blood sugar levels stable.

Every person having type 2 diabetes will have a different combination of medicines that have been prescribed by the doctor. Many people will have to take medicines as well as insulin injections to keep their diabetes under control while some just need to control their diet properly and also follow a rigorous exercise routine. But anyone having diabetes should make sure that they check their blood sugar levels everyday. They should take special care of their eating habits.