Free Download Games For iPad: Metal Wars HD

Metal Wars is Full 3D Shooting Game that attacks and destroys enemies while upgrading to various parts of bots and using variety of weapons.

Not only can you destroy enemies on your own but can also be played alongside other players

You can create your own machine by assembling parts and weapons that you earn from each stage.

Playing this game is simple.

Control using the two joy pads. Left pad is for moving and the right pad is for aiming and shooting.

Touch the right pad lightly to move the player’s view and if you hold down the touch, the weapon will be fire.

You can choose different weapons according to different situations.

There are 3 commands on the left-hand side of the screen you can use towards your fellow players
As you clear each stage, more powerful weapons and new parts will be given to the player.

You can clear difficult stages easily playing alongside with your fellow players.

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