10 Best Free Miscellaneous Application For iPhone

This list of free iPhone apps includes laundry guides, an ebook library, recipe guides and plenty more tools to make your life at college more exciting and organized.

MyGPA Calculator

Calculate your GPA per semester and cumulatively.


Check out ebooks for your iPhone.


Practice for your ballroom dance class or for a night out.

Laundry Pro Free

Look up North American and European laundry symbols and figure out how to care for your different garments.


How to and DIY Survival Kit: Survive anything, including a hotel fire, long fall and nuclear attack, when you download this pack.

Guitar Tuner

Use Guitar Tuner to tweak your guitar and get ready for gigs on campus.


Control your home theater that runs Windows with your iPhone.

Free Driver’s Ed

Students practicing for the driving test can review topics and questions here.

F-My Life

This popular tool lets you commiserate with others who’ve had a bad day on F-MyLife.

Allrecipes.com Dinner Spinner

Get ideas for cheap, healthy and/or comfort food meals.

Hairstyle Lite

Instead of paying for an expensive visit to the salon, try out a new hairstyle by using this free app.

iWrecked – Auto Accident Assistant

Log details from your car accident, call for help, take photos of the accident, and more.

College Football Live!

Keep up with all the stats, scores and more for college football.