30 Best Free iPhone Apps For College Students

College students today are swamped with social calendars, budgeting nightmares, job searching, party planning, sports, study abroad, food shopping, and of course, studying. On top of everything, students need to stay extremely organized if they want to keep up with classes and maintain a little sanity. Here’s a breakdown of some of the best iphone applications for the college student.

Study Help

These language tutors, flash card packs, and art history resources will help you with last minute cramming and consistent vocabulary practice wherever you go.


Sparky lets you browse SparkNotes easily on your iPhone.

Mathemagics Lite

Use this tool to figure out squares, complicated multiplication problems and more.

Free Spanish Tutor

This tutor features native speaker audio, puzzle games, multiple choice quizzes, and more.

USA Presidents

Review names, numbers, dates, political parties and other facts about the U.S. presidents when you have these virtual flash cards.

History: Maps of the World

Find detailed maps of Africa, Europe, Asia, the U.S., the Middle East and more.

Word of The Day Lite

Expand your vocabulary with this app.

Art Lite

Study the histories, works and significance of artists like Leonardo da Vinci, van Gogh, Cezanne and more.

Brain Tutor 3D

Anatomy and pre-med students can study the brain terms and more with this app.


Find out mass, diameter, orbiting speed and other information for the planets.

Free French Word of The Day

Practice your French with this app.

StudySets – Psychology Lite

Psych students will appreciate this bundle of psychology learning resources.


Look up words or hide the definition to quiz yourself with Vocabolistic.

Answers: powered by Yahoo! Answers

This app opens your iPhone to the Yahoo! Answers portal so that you can ask questions about anything.

Pocket Lawyer Lite

Law and political science students can use this real-life law reference as a study tool, too.

gFlash + Flashcards and Tests

Create your own flashcards and share them with study partners.

Staying Current


Stay current on entertainment news with Variety’s app.

NPR Addict

Do your homework before class or talking with professors by getting your news from NPR.


Access the authoritative, but sometimes snarky, stories from the Huffington Post.

BBC Reader

Keep up with the top stories in Europe and globally with this app.


Get your news from the New York Times online for free.


Apartments by ForRent.com

Look up apartments to rent in your college town here.

Craig Search v1.0

Search Craigslist from your iPhone. Includes standard search options.


Apartment guide’s app will help you locate properties in your area.

Shopping Deals


Keep your closet organized on your phone by cataloging photos and shopping lists and picking out your party clothes ahead of time even when you’re away from home.

iHourglass Free

Time practices tests, study breaks and more with this tool.

Relax Alarm Clock Lite

Wake up on time to soothing guitar music, the sound of birds, bamboo flute music, and other options. This app also lulls you to sleep for a quick nap.


Turn your iPhone into a flashlight that shines white, red, green or blue light.

Book Bargain

Find deals on books from Amazon and other online stores.

Dial Zero

Get connected to customer service lines for credit cards, health insurance companies and more.


This app uses GPS to find coupons for stores in your area.