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Cover Orange by FDG Entertainment is a new physics puzzler which is now available in the app store. Cover Orange is brain tickling puzzler, the app was only released for iPad users on it’s launch but now it is available for iPhone and iPod Touch users, so that they can also enjoy this fun puzzle title.

The main objective of the game is to protect the orange from any sort of damage. The game consists of eighty levels of gameplay with a single game mode and no difficulty levels, the concept of the game is totally based on puzzle solving and saving the citrus from becoming sour. Initially, this becomes pretty simple as you’ll given a sequence of objects that you can throw in to the world to immediately encompass the orange. You can perform this by dragging an object into place above the drop line, then letting go to watch it break down into place. If the cloud clears without causing any amount of black rain, you make it to the next stage. The scores from all the stages are added up and you can share your scores and compete with others on the Game Center.

The presentation of the game is pleasant and sweet with great scenery and greenery all over the place. The retina display certainly plays a huge role in improving the crispness of the game. The background music goes perfectly well with the theme of the game, pleasant and sweet, repetition of background music makes you want to sing the tune in your head again and again as you swivel your way through levels on levels.

The vast range of levels makes Cover Orange fun and more exciting as you wait for your fate in the upcoming levels. There are few more levels to be added to double the fun and the induction of GameCenter allows you to work harder as you make your through with some achievements and comparing scores with other players around the globe. Cover Orange offers a great experience for those looking to test their brains and for casual gamers too. Cover Orange is available for 0.99$ on the App Store which is a total bargain and is totally compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch.

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