Paladog Free Game For Your iPhone And iPad

The fate of the Critterland is at stake. Repel the evil force with special powers to save the critterland and become a hero! Introducing Paladog, the apex of all defense games ever released on the AppStore!


Move the hero around freely to combat or, support your units with your special powers to effectively defeat the enemy.

Aura spells to increase your chance of win the battle!
Evolving skills to upgrade hero abilities
20 equippable magic items for hero unit
9 friendly characters to be deployed on the battle field
60 different enemy types with various skills
Whopping 120 stages including wipe out missions, 3 mini games and boss stages
Adorable cartoon-like characters and animation
Switchable violence level

Mission Types

Wipe out: Destroy the enemy base
Escort mission: Protect the carriage at all cost
Destiny mission: Rubem all out!
Battlefield mission: Advance through the enemy force
Within the aura range, your soldiers will be able to deploy special skills
Right combination of different units and/or weapons could save you a trouble

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