Top Ten Best GPS (Navigation) Apps For iPhone

If you happen to have spent a bit of time in the wild, you probably appreciate the luxury of having an outdoor GPS when you are out exploring new areas. You never know what happens when you go hiking, camping, or climbing, and it doesn’t take much to get lost.

With the help of the best GPS app for iPhone that you can find in the market, the need for Personal Navigation Devices (PND), or handheld GPS devices, is slowly declining.

MapQuest 4 Mobile

MapQuest does not need any introduction. It’s a free navigation solution that provides you with directions and speaks them to you on the road. Find Me and Auto-Reroute features are nice to have too. If you don’t want to spend too much money on a GPS app, this is for you.


MotionX is one of the best GPS app for iPhone. It also integrates Facebook as well. An excellent solution for biking, hiking, and outdoors in general. Has been topping the best seller charts for months.

CoPilot Live

CoPilot Live is more affordable than some of the other apps on this list. It does offer you 3D maps, turn by turn directions, multi-route navigation, and guidance in tunnels. Works with the latest iPhone too.

G-Map U.S. West

similar to G-Map East, but it’s made for the Western states. If you live in California and around that area, you should be using G-Map U.S. West.

G-Map U.S. East

G-Map U.S. East is a cool GPS solution for iPhone that helps you get directions and navigate your way through your city without too much trouble. The maps looks as good as the ones on my Garmin GPS. Best of all, you only pay for regions you intend to visit.

iGo My Way

iGo My Way is one of the elite GPS apps for iPhone. Great 3D graphics, and you won’t have to pay a monthly fee to take advantage of it. European and other versions are available as well.

Mobile Maps America

Mobile Maps America turns your iPhone into a super GPS and provides you with turn by turn directions. The 3D maps are impressive and the directions are accurate. International versions are available too.

Magellan RoadMate

Magellan RoadMate offers text to speech, 3D buildings, lane assistance, and in app music control. You can also use it to navigate around your city when you are not in your car (pedestrian mode).

TomTom for iPhone

TomTom for iPhone has a lot of potential. TomTom has gone out of its way to bring its best features to iPhone. The new version is compatible with the latest version of iOS.


Navigon’s official GPS application for iPhone. It’s one of the most powerful GPS apps ever made for iPhone. Provides you with everything you need to get on the road without any doubts. It gets updates on a consistent basis (supports multi-tasking now).