Liberty Wings Review: Get Free Games For iPhone And iPad

I can just imagine the design team over at Digital Reality creating Liberty Wings. They probably set out to create the very best arcade airplane action game on the iPhone, but couldn’t quite come together for its implementation. Should they make it a top down, birds eye shooter like Phoenix, or maybe a free roaming shooter like 1951 – World War One, or maybe even a side scrolling plane shooter like Aera? Why not make them all?

And like the vast majority of the other games that can’t quite decide on a genre, Liberty Wings is a lot of game, but the whole is just average. Average because each part of it has been done better by another title; titles that picked a single game style and ran with it. I’ll give you the first three levels as an example of what to expect. The first level is a typical top down WW2-ish airplane shooter, the second is a zoomed out version of this first level that gives you freedom fo fly wherever you want, and the third level is a sidescroller. Each level is entertaining in its own way, but I would much rather play a more focused game with more polish. Each of the three games mentioned in the first paragraph are far better than Liberty Wings in their individual game types, although the sidescrolling game type is definitely the best of the bunch.

Sure, you could look at Liberty Wings as a 3 in 1 game box, and in that sense Liberty Wings is a good value (mostly at its 99 cent asking price). Just don’t confuse a good value with an amazing game, as there are much better plane shooters out there in the App Store.

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