Girls Nose Ring or Pin Designs 2010

Nose RingsĀ  or Pins Collection for Young Girls

{SCA} Every girl has the desire to look gorgeous. She feels delighted when somebody appreciates her style. Today, majority of women have become fashion conscious.

Ornaments have always fascinated women.Women attire the beautiful fashionable earrings and nose rings for that stunning look that attract men’s attention.

Nose rings are another form of jewelry that is quite popular in Pakistani and Indian tradition. Though they are popular here, their origin was in the Middle East.

In Pakistan and india, the trend of wearing nose rings as jewellery came with the arrival of the Mughals. Nose rings and nose pins are popularly known as “Nath” and are also known by other names such as Nathni, Koka and Laung. In some customs and traditions, it is necessary for a girl to get her nose pierced.

College girls prefer to go in for the stylish beaded artificial nose rings. Nose ring jewelry for girls looks hep and is also price friendly for the bold and beautiful.

Today in Pakistan, the trend of nose ring is largely dependent on the area of the nose where the nose rings will be worn. Circular barbells, also known as nath, are also worn on weddings. Many women have their nose rings around the age of 16 which is traditionally the marriageable age even though today unmarried women and even young girls in Indian sub-continent may also wear nose rings.

We have a beautiful design selection of girls nose rings and we hope you will enjoy it.

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