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Tikka Jewellery Designs Collection

{SCA} The style, fashion and craze of Indian jewellery go hand in hand. As jewels adds elegance and prettiness to a women, many of us dont mind spending money on getting the best gold jewelry to wear and adorn with. Fashion Indian jewelry always remains beautiful and also it enhances the beauty of both men and women.

A woman without gold jewelry is quite alike to a flower without its beautiful buds. Indian jewelry comes with wide collection range which matches many occasions such as birthdays, wedding, anniversary and many more. Say for instance, an engagement starts with a beautiful ring, whereas a marriage gets its completion with a mangal sutra. Indian and Pakistani gold jewelry always has its worth and none could beat its fame anymore.

This is one of the all-time classic styles when it comes to the Pakistani and Indian jewelry tikka. The gold plated headpiece is adorned with faux pearls and charming red beads. The extravagant setting and the use of the color red has made it a popular bridal wear jewelry. These kinds of designs have been popular amongst Pakistani and Indian women for many ages and continue to appeal to the modern generations as well.

The Tikka is a distinctive jewelry article that is unique to the South Asian Subcontinent. Traditionally the use of the Tikka was restricted for the bride. With the passage of time however the Tikka became an important fashion accessory for women. However it was only on special occasions like wedding ceremonies, religious gatherings and cultural events that women would be seen wearing the Tikka.

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