Call Center Jokes Funny and Hilarious Collection 2010

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Opening Hours

Customer: “I’ve been ringing your call centre on 0700 2300 for two days and can’t get through to inquiries, can you help?”
Operator: “Where did you get that number from, sir?”
Customer: “It was on the door to the travel center.”
Operator: “Sir, they are our opening hours.


Customer: “How much does it cost to Bath on the train?”
Operator: “If you can get your feet in the sink, then it’s free.

Like The Number Of The Argoed Fish Bar In Cardiff

Caller: “I’d like the number of the Argoed Fish Bar in Cardiff, please.”
Operator: “I’m sorry, there’s no listing. Is the spelling correct?”
Caller: “Well, it used to be called the Bargoed Fish Bar but the ‘B’ fell off.

Bill Gates

Tech support: Good day. How may I help you?
Male customer: Hello… I can’t print.
Tech support: Would you click on “start” for me and…
Customer: Listen pal; don’t start getting technical on me! I’m not Bill Gates ya know.

Thank You

Customer: I have problems printing in red…
Tech support: Do you have a color printer?
Customer: Aaaah………………..thank you.