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1. Mad Cow Disease

One day two cows were chatting over the fence between their two fields. The first cow said, “I’m telling you, this mad cow disease is getting pretty scary! I’ve heard it’s spreading so fast that it’s already on Farmer Rubin’s land just down the road!”

The second cow replied, “So what? It doesn’t affect us chickens!”

2. Mad Cow?

One farmer says to another farmer that he had to shoot one of his cows? “Was it mad?” asks the other farmer. The farmer replies “Well it wasn’t very happy about it”.

3. Signs your cow has mad-cow

Your cow insists on wearing a little A-1 sauce behind each ear as cologne.

She refuses to let you milk her, saying “Not on the first date.”

Your cow takes up painting and cuts off one of its ears.

Your cow gets a silicon implant for her udder.

Your cow appears on Oprah, claiming to be a horse trapped in a cow’s body.

Your cow demands to be branded with the ‘Golden Archs Logo’.

Your cow insists that all Hindus are sacred.

Your cow insists evaporated milk comes from thirsty cows.

4. Feminists are protesting Mad Cow Disease

Feminists are protesting the designation, “mad cow disease,” arguing that if a cow becomes mad it is because of something the bull said or did.