Sardarji Jokes Latest and Funny Collection

{SCA} If you visit Indian and some neighboring countries of it like Pakistan and Bangladesh, you’ll hear lots of bone tickling jokes. And among all funny and humorous jokes you’ll certainly hear Sardar jokes.

These Sardar are the residents of Punjab (one of the state of India), they are famous for their jokes which are very humorous.

It is hard to locate when the first Sardar jokes was said or who was the first one to say those jokes but the jokes regarding them are still very famous as they were in the past. People enjoy Sardar jokes more rather than other jokes.

In these jokes the behavior of Sardar are reflected in humorous manner so that they sound funny and create laughter. You might be wondering as what are these Sardar jokes here are of the latest Sardarji Jokes collection; and send these nice text messages to all of your friends and colleagues.

1. Hidden Camera

Jussi caught her husband Santa Singh searching high and low all around his living room.

Jussi: What are you searching for?

Sam Singh: Hidden camera!

Jussi: And what makes you think that there are hidden cameras here?

Sam Singh: That guy on TV knows exactly what I am doing. Why every few minutes he keeps saying, you are watching the Star World channel. How does he know that?

2. Bank Loan

Ek dafa sardar ne bank se lon lekar car khrid lya but bank ka lon wapas na kar saka.
magar Bank walo ne car wapas lay liya.

Sardar: Agar pata huta to shadi be bank ke lon se karta.

3. English

Sardar English k paper main fail ho gaya,
He did translation:

1.Main aam admi nahi hon
I?m not a mango man

2.Sarda or garma fruit hain.
Colda & hota r fruits

3.Mujhey bhi english ati hay
English comes 2 me also ro do chaar.
give and give four.

5.Mera taluk hari pur hazara se hay
I belong 2 green pur thousanda

4.Tiger Killed Sardar in Zoo

A Tiger Killed a Sardar in Zoo.
A Man asked Why did you only Killed Sardar in Crowd?
Tiger: Aur kya Karta. Saala Kab Se Keh Raha Tha:

“Inni Waddi Billi, Inni Waddi Billi”

5. Kitni Lambi Umar Hai

Sarda ka Padosi Mar Gaya:
Wo Uske Ghar Gaya or Pucha: Body Aa Gai Kya?
Tabhi Body Lekar Ambulance Aa Gayi.
Sardar: Lo Batao,
Kitni Lambi Umar Hai

6. Sardar Ka Interview

Sardar ka interview tha sawal aaya english me translate karo

“Mein is job k liye bohut umeed sy hoon”

Sardar: I am Pregnant for this Job