Basic Makeup Tips for Small Eyes

Those people who have small eyes can have more balanced look by using makeup to make their eyes look bigger than usual. Not all people know about the magical result with use of cosmetics. Face with smaller eyes in proportion to other facial feature can look more beautiful and attractive by these small eye makeup tips given below.

Eye Shadow

The next to concentrate on eye shadow is eye make up. Take care when applying even it is a commonly detained faith, impressive eye shadow doesn’t highlight your eyes. In fact, it will make just the opposite.

Applying dramatic eye shadow in excess will lead to shrivel your eyes by focusing them back into your face. So, apply eye shadow a little to look simple when you have small eyes.

Remember, simplicity is good when applying eye shadow. So, initially prefer only light-colored shadows and do not apply more than two shades at a time. Brush the eye shadow just beneath the ends of each eyebrow and immediately blend this near the inner end of the eyebrow. By applying simple eye shadow, you can improve and highlight your eyes on your face.


Eyeliner is used to create the eye make up more prominent.

Using eyeliner is the best way to produce bigger, bolder, and more significant eyes. Eye make up can help overcome the problem of your small eyes, but when used correctly.

Start lining uniformly across the eyelid as close to the base of the lashes as possible starting with the inner corner of the eye and continuing to the outer corner of the eyelid. Also, you can line the bottom of your eyes.

The line needs to be smooth instead of harsh and see that it is not remarkable. Lining slightly beyond the outside edge will create a beautiful look to your small eyes.

Better prefer dark and neutral colors with some hint of black lining, as bright shades in eye make up makes your eyes appear even smaller. While applying, follow eye make up tips for your eyes to be more beautiful.


Next to enhance your eyes with eye make up is to concentrate the area around them. Dark circles around your eyes will make them look even smaller. Use a concealer in eye make up, to hide blemishes and dark circles under the eyes or to make these dark circle areas a little lighter. By doing this, you will be able to enhance your eyes.


The next to concentrate in your eye enlargement through eye make up will be on eyelashes. It is essential to curl your eyelashes three times before applying mascara: one at the base, other half way up, and lastly at the tip for getting a mild, rounded curl of your eyelash.

Now, you can apply mascara. It thickens the eyelashes and enhances attractiveness of the eyes and highlights them. When you apply mascara, take care to spread out your lashes. Brush at the base of your eyelashes in the direction of your nose. Drag the other way up directly. Then, take the tip of your lashes and brush them to your temples.

Apply mascara to the lower lashes with downward strokes, twisting the brush back and forth slightly to separate the lashes. Applying in this way, you can draw attention to your eyes making them to be emphasizing. The more they emphasize, the more is highlighting your eye make up and your eyes.

Shape of Eyebrow

In your eye make up, finally concentrate on the shape of your eyebrows. Having brows too close together or heavy can make your eyes look smaller. To overcome this, tweeze your eyebrows more than normally. Better if you can bring your eyebrows about an eye length apart.

Having small eyes are not at all a problem if you concentrate your efforts on those small eyes to look great. Enlarging your eyes will become easy with perfection in your eye make up techniques and taking care of the skin near your eyes.