Best Make Up Guidelines For Fair Skin

Fair skin has always been considered an attractive physical attribute due to the fact that it was associated with wonderful personality characteristics such as nobleness and innocence. But when it comes to makeup, fair skin can prove to be very tricky to deal with and many makeup options might be restricted for those who have a slightly pale skin. However there’s no need to feel discouraged: armed with the right knowledge you will be able to create fascinating makeup styles for any occasion.

It dose not attempt to change the skin complexion drastically but aim to add to the natural beauty of a person. One should know the correct makeup techniques and proper shades that suits and complements individual skin tones.

  • Find the right under-eye concealer. Very pale skin can become translucent around the thin, sensitive areas surrounding the eye, making it possible to see the tiny purple and blue blood vessels beneath. To neutralize this, get a concealer with a yellow base that evens out the tones.
  • Find the right shade of foundation by matching the shade to the inside of your forearm or your neck. This might be slightly lighter than the color of your face, but that should be fine as long you apply the makeup sparingly. Follow up with mineral powder for a natural look.
  • Skip the blush if you have a tendency to get flushed or have naturally rosy cheeks. However, if your cheeks typically are pale, go for a soft pink or coral shade to bring some life into your face. Stay away from colors that are too bold, especially anything that looks too red.
  • Choose pastel shades of eye shadow for day looks. For night looks, dark browns look flattering on light complexions.
  • Use an eyelash curler, extra coats of mascara and create a thicker line with the liner. If you want to create the ever-popular smoky eye look, go for different shades of gray or bring in some medium purple.
  • Use coral and pink shades for lipstick as well as berries. Instead of lipstick, you can opt for a lip gloss, which can add color while remaining sheer and natural-looking. When going out at night, pass on the dark reds and brown shades and choose a bold, bright red. Bright red lips on a pale face is an eternally classic look, and it is sure to make heads turn.
  • Choose the lighter of two colors if you need to use an eyebrow pencil and you can’t quite decide which is the best match. The lighter shade will be easier to blend and create a natural look.


When applying makeup, start with less and add more later if necessary.