Best Make Up Ideas For Looking Gorgeous In Party

When its time to party, everyone wants to be part of the fun. And where fun is, glamour is never far away! So, if you want to be the flavor of the party, there’s no better place to start than at your dressing table- I mean it! Try a departure from the daily demeanor of controlled cosmetics and take on the diva dazzler look with great party makeup tips- from us, of course!

How is Party Makeup Different From Regular Makeup?

Party Makeup is very different from the makeup we apply on a regular basis. As most of the parties are scheduled on evening or night time, the party make up is obviously more glittery and shining than the regular make up. It is also comparatively darker and dazzling than the regular makeup. Apart from the clean, clear and attractive look, the party makeup aspires to provide a poised and jaw drop gorgeous look.

Before You Choose a Party Makeup

  • It is very important for you to keep certain points in mind before you go for a party make up.
  • Go for a makeup that suits the mood of the party.
  • Choose the makeup complementing your skin tone.
  • Try to look gorgeous without experimenting much with your comfort level.
  • Go with a makeup that suits your persona.
  • If you are planning to do something new, go for a trial first to avoid any haphazard at the last moment.
  • Try doing something different from what is in extreme fashion to avoid being a commoner.
  • Feel confident of whatever you get done with yourself and carry it well.

Tips for Party Makeup

  • Go for proper cleansing, exfoliating, toning and moisturizing before anything else.
  • Apply ice all over your face.
  • Now thoroughly apply concealer in order to hide the scars and imperfections on your face.
  • You should then apply light base and foundation on your face and neck to make your skin smooth and even. This also helps to avoid sweating which can spoil your makeup.
  • You should now apply a highlighted oil-free moisturizer mixed with shining products such as shimmer dust to provide extra shine to your face. Remember to set loose powder by even brushing on the face and neck.
  • You can experiment with eye makeup according to party wear you are planning to wear. However, Smokey eyes are always a good option for a sexy and sensual look in parties.
  • Choose your lipstick in accordance with your dress. However go for darker shades if it is a night party.
  • Golden, bronze and silver liners add to your freshness and glamour. So prefer using them.
  • In case the party is a little formal or a day time party, go for a little lighter make up and less shimmering dresses.

Other Tips

Don’t have eyebrows waxed or plucked on the day of the event. Grooming can sometimes leave redness or dots on the upper eye, which are very difficult to conceal. Try to groom them about 2 days before the event. Be sure to bring any essentials with you to the prom or party. Carry a small purse and keep your lip color, foundation and mascara in it just in case of a makeup emergency. You never know when you might get teary remembering all of your great high school times, and having backup makeup for when your mascara runs is always a good idea.