Best Makeup Guidelines for Teenage College Girls

Concern and realization towards looking beautiful blossom in the teenage. It’s for the first time in life that a girl feels that being attractive is not only good but it’s necessary. Suddenly then the world of makeup and fashion starts looking extremely interesting. The craze to experiment with looks specially comes with the entry in college. However, at this age skin is very delicate, it is often not advisable to apply extra make up. Teenage make up should always be soft and subtle; it’s much different from the middle-age makeup. A nice combination of soft colors, poise and sweet touch up makes teenage make up attractive and charming.

Wash Your Hands and Face

Before touching your face, always wash your hands with an Anti-Bacterial soap and warm water. Make sure your face is clean before applying makeup. To clean your face properly get a good cleanser from your dermatologist. All product from Wal-Mart/Walgreen’s/Target contain all the same ingredients because they simply can not sell any higher of benzoyl peroxide or accutane for it is illegal unless prescribed.

Apply Moisturizer

Before starting, always use sunscreen especially if you have problems with hyper-pigmentation when your skin is healing and is slightly darker than the natural skin. It’s better to get a moisturizer separate from your SPF because then your SPF will be stronger. If you have very low melanin amounts you need to use SPF 45 otherwise if you have olive dark etc. and don’t burn easy use SPF 15 or so.


With a concealer brush, or foundation brush, gently stipple that’s one shade lighter than your skin tone under the eye to cover any darkness under the eyes. Also use your concealer on zits, red spots or other imperfections. Now blot it in using your middle finger. Make sure you dab, rather than wipe with your finger, otherwise you will take all the concealer off. Also, you can use foundation as concealer, but using concealer specifically will give you better results.


If you have acne mineral makeup it’s much better for your skin that normal foundation. Use Bare Minerals or Prescriptives; no cheap stuff. Remember your skin is your biggest breathing organ! Girls with oilier skin might want to stick to powder, and girls with drier skin might prefer liquid/cream foundation or tinted moisturizer. More oily skin can use matte gels or silicone based primer which help to lower the level of oil produced.


Using a brow brush or a toothbrush, comb your eyebrows up and across, or softly apply eyeshadow (matching your eyebrow color) to fill in brows, making them appear fuller. If you have full eyebrows, skip this step. Do set your brows in place using a brow brush with gel, clear mascara, or a brow brush with hairspray. Again, this isn’t imperative, but one of those extra things you might want to do before a date or another occasion you want to look your best.


Use a brush to apply a creamy colored and slightly iridescent and glowing skin tone shade. If you are going for a tan look, use a soft bronze color. If you are going for a cover up color, use a soft skin tone one. Some shimmery white crisply lining the eyes can open them up.


Apply gel blush to the apples of your cheeks. Smile, blend up and in a circular motion, always blending towards the temple. You can also follow your cheekbone. Blend, blend. You can also use a powder blush, but be careful as they tend to pack more of punch. Less is more.

Lip Gloss is Great For a Light, Glossy Look

It’s cute enough for school and perfect glow to your finishing look. Just apply it on your lips and love it through the day. You might need to apply more, if it begins to wear off.


Although it is hardly necessary, you can sometimes use an eyelash curler, even when applying clear mascara. It can make your eyelashes look very professional. Mascara goes on top and bottom lashes- always apply it thicker on the outer lashes. It makes your eyes look big and sexy. Apply 1 or 2 coats on the top lashes, and use what is left for the bottom lashes.

Apply Lip Gloss

Fill in entire lip using a tinted lip balm. Then, using your finger or brush, spread gloss on top. Find out your skin tone, and the colors that match it. Always use a transparent gloss over tinted lip balm.

Eye Shadow

First, put white shadow all over your eyes. Then, choose a color you like and apply it underneath the crease of your eye lid. Lastly, you can put sparkles on top on lid to make it look sexy.