Best Makeup Tips To Cover Under Eye Circles

When it comes to covering up the dark circles under the eye, it’s important to keep in mind that the skin under the eye is different from other places on the face. It is far more delicate; its tissue is only slightly thicker than a sheet of paper, and needs to be treated with care.

Dark circles are annoying, and while there are many products that say they can eliminate dark circles altogether, it truly is a buyer beware market when it comes to such claims. Under eye circles are mostly hereditary, and tend to become more pronounced as you age. Aging causes the skin beneath the eye to thin even more, allowing the blood vessels to show through the skin.

The steps that need to be followed require careful attention. Other wise, the ingredients required for the treatment for the above issue will be contaminated and the entire initiative could be wasted. But that’s nothing to worry about; all you need is a bit of your aesthetic sense.

Tips To Hide Skin Blemishes:

  1. When you shop for a concealer, it is better to choose one that comes in the natural shade of your skin tone or one or two shades lighter than your foundation. That way, you will be assured that the concealer and foundation will blend to hide your skin flaws and give you the desired look.
  2. If your skin is very dry, then opt for a liquid concealer, to hide the imperfections on the skin.
  3. Liquid concealer is the best makeup to hide dark circles under the eyes. You can opt for white solid concealer in order to cover up pimples, scars and bruises on your face.
  4. Concealer in the consistency of a cream is best suited for all skin types, because it can blend with the skin easily. Be sure to use the pat-and-blend technique of applying the concealer.
  5. For the perfect flawless look, place a dim-size drop of concealer on your finger tip. Now, pat the concealer onto the area in question.
  6. If you want to cover up your under-eye circle, apply concealer both outside and under the eyes, so that the color blends into your skin.
  7. In case you are using a liquid or solid foundation, apply the foundation first, and then the concealer. On the other hand, if you are using a cream or powder foundation, make use of the concealer first, followed by the foundation.
  8. Imperfections in delicate areas such as under-eye can be best covered by a creamy concealer. You may use dry concealer for other areas, such as cheeks or forehead.
  9. Do not use concealers with white, pink or green base, because the shade often doesn’t match the skin tone, which would make the flaws look prominent rather than covered.
  10. While using a concealer, be sure to blend it well to your skin, so that there is no discernible edge between the area (where you have applied the concealer) and the rest of the face, where you haven’t applied it.