Brown Eyes Makeup: Best Tips For Girls

Eye makeup (eyeliner, eyeshadow, kajal and mascara) is arguably the most fun type of makeup. With a quick sweep of a sponge tipped applicator or cute little brush, you can go from girl next door innocent to positively trampy. Here’s a handy little chart to help you figure out what colors would best suit your eye color. After applying the makeup base, follow these easy steps to get a gorgeous brown eye makeup.

Eye Shadow for Brown Eyes:

Choosing Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes for brown eyes can be somewhat complicated. Why? Because unlike other eye colors, a brown eyed woman has a huge array of hues that are going to look good when she applies them. Literally every color of the rainbow holds potential along with all those wonderful mineral tones. About the only limit you’ve got is your skin tone and working with that.

Eyeshadow Colors for Brown Eyes:

  1. Shades of Blue
  2. Blue Gray
  3. Plum

Eye Makeup Tricks for Brown Eyes:

  1. Draw a straight line with a black kohl on the upper lid, to make eyes stay out.
  2. It’s an evening make-up, so you have to mark the lower lid too.
  3. After you stumped the contour with a cotton bud, apply some violet eyeshadow on the stumped black kohl ( you can use any color you want, like strong green, blue, orange to get a nice summer look). Then fill the upper lid with color.
  4. With the help of a thin brush, create a shadow effect by applying a thin amount all round your eyes, from the inner to the outer corner of the eye.
  5. After the shadow is even, put just under the eyebrows some golden powder, becasue it’s an evening make-up and you must glow!
  6. With a thin brush apply some whiteish, silverish eyeshadow to the inner corner of the eyes, to brighten up the eyes.
  7. Put on two coats of mascara and on the cheecks some natural nude blush.
  8. To this make-up you can match a nude lipstick or a neutral one, but also some pink or orange lipgloss for volume.

If you have brown eyes, you have lots of makeup options to select:

  1. When you apply eye makeup, you should consider one simple rule – light colors bring out, highlight and make larger while dark colors contour and minimize. Following this simple rule you could combine dark eyeliner and light eyeshadows to emphasize your brown eyes with black eyeliner and mascara and light eyeshadows.
  2. To draw attention to your eyes, keep the rest of your makeup minimal choosing neutral shades of lip and cheek color. This helps you keep the focus on your eyes.
  3. To lighten and open brown eyes and achieve natural eye look, apply light shades such as champagne, peach, light pink, taupes and browns.
  4. Pink eyeshadow with a darker color in the crease will really make your eyes brighter.
  5. Grey eyeshadow and liners will give you a smokey eye look.
  6. Opposite colors brighten each other.
  7. Eyeshadow with shimmer will brighten brown eyes.

Natural Colors For Brown Eyes:

The best makeup colors for brown eyes are actually those that are neutral in color. Try colors in the brown family like taupes and peaches. I try to somewhat match my colors for a coordinated look. This is not to say that your shadow should be beige, and your blush beige, and your lipstick beige. I’m not talking about a monotone color, just a coordinated one.

How to Apply Mascara for Brown Eyes:

  1. Wiggle the wand left to right at the base of lashes. It’s the mascara placed near the roots not the tips that gives the illusion of length.
  2. Pull the wand up and through lashes, wiggling as you go. The wiggling part is key because it separates lashes.
  3. In this final step (which I always skip), close the eye and place the mascara wand on top of lashes at the base and pull through to remove any clumps.