Casual Makeup Tips and Tricks

There are certain events and occasions which demand you to look simple and casual. Bold colors, wild makeup and garish looks can spoil your beauty and persona, fetching you handful of execration. That was quite demeaning isn’t it? To avoid such embarrassments, you must wear casual makeup that will let you look not only beautiful but also elegant. Casual makeup is the right getup for job interviews, business meetings, official outings and even on a date. The next segment of the article shall present you with some casual makeup ideas.

Casual Makeup Tips:

  1. The basic tip that holds for any makeup is: to cleanse, tone and moisturize.
  2. Wash your face before you start putting on any makeup. Pat-dry your face with a towel so that no excess water remains.
  3. Now, since it is casual makeup, apply a light skin color powder foundation. This evens out the blemishes on the skin. Brush the powder in circular motions on your face. Don’t forget the neck too! Bronzes look great on slightly darker skin. Skip foundation if you’re using concealing powder. Too many layers will make the makeup look thicker.
  4. Color choices for lipstick must be light. Pinks, lavenders, light browns, nude and orange! These can be either a glossy or a Matt finish. Lip liners shouldn’t stand out too much from the lips, so it must be in the lip color applied. There is no harm in using some shimmer with those lips.
  5. Nude makeup is how casual makeup should be. So try and avoid colors such as reds, deep purples, dark browns or magenta. You might end up looking too dressed up for a casual occasion.
  6. You must use eyeshadow very carefully. Choose neutral colors such as peach, light pink, light brown or something that matches your skin tone. This highlights the eyes in a way that you won’t know! Apply in circular motions so that it gets evenly spread. To add a dash of color, you could shine up the crease of the eyes with a color of your choice but nothing too contrasting.
  7. Apply single coats of mascara to give that extra sleek finish to your eyes. Overdoing your lashes will make you look too plastic. But, it is still important for you to wear mascara as your eyes will pop immediately! Curling you lashing once isn’t such a bad idea either.
  8. For the cheeks, use some nice and cute pinks/browns. If you have a darker skin complexion, use brown and for a fairer one, use pink very scarcely as it would appear more obvious on your skin. Use large brushes or cotton pads to spread the color evenly so that the sun/ weather don’t affect the makeup by caking up.

How to do Casual Makeup:

Applying casual makeup is easy and doesn’t consume much time. Avoid makeup blunders by applying the natural colors smoothly over your face and give a final touch by highlighting your lips and eyes. The steps are as follows:

  1. The first step defines the act of cleaning your face. Wash your face with gentle face wash or moisturizing cleansing lotion.

    If you have blackheads, use a mild defoliant to scrub your face. Wipe your face with non-alcoholic toner or rose water, to wipe away dirt and grime from the pores. Pat dry your face with the help of a towel and then proceed with the light makeup.

  2. Moisturize your face with a mild lotion, if your skin feels very dry. Dab some concealer over your finger tips and blend it over your face. This will cover blemishes, pimples and scars. The concealer must complement your complexion for perfect casual makeup looks.
  3. Apply the foundation with a large brush or cotton pads all over your face and neck, in circular motion. Make sure the light colored foundation blends perfectly with your skin and doesn’t give it a heavy and dull look. Now blush on with pale shades of pink or brown. If you want a natural tanned look, apply a very light shade of bronze.
  4. The most important aspect of a makeup is highlighting your eyes with natural colors. Outline your eyes, extending till the rim, with a good quality eyeliner. The mascara must be of same shade as the liner. With the help of a smooth brush, apply the eyeshadow smoothly. Do not dab heavily or spread all over your eyes and brows, unevenly.
  5. The last step is adding color to your lips. You lips must look natural. Outline them with lip liner of neutral shades and then apply the base color. Opt for matte shades of neutral color or render natural juicy look with neutral gloss.

Using some of these tips for a perfect day out or a somber occasion will make your natural beauty show and you will glow amongst the crowd. Just remember to complement your makeup with the dress you are sporting. Bright colored clothes go best with nude makeup. Also, never leave the house without looking at the mirror for that last complete look before you face the world. And don’t forget to tell yourself how gorgeous you are!