Choose The Right Makeup For Almond Shaped Eyes

If you have almond shaped eyes you are very lucky. You have the nicest and easiest eye shape for makeup. This article will give you tips to emphasise them. Almond-shaped eyes are considered to be very balanced so you can experiment with different makeups.

Almond-shaped eyes are known for their angled outer corner and the “barely there” natural crease under the brow bone. Playing up almond-shaped eyes takes a few different shades to create the appearance of contrast and definition. Applying the right makeup to almond-shaped eyes can really play up the eyes and emphasize their natural shape.

Make Up Tips

  • Choose a medium-toned color as a base color.
  • Use a fine, straight-edge eyeshadow brush to apply shadow to the inner corner of the eye at the lash line; work your way to the outside of the eye and up to the crease of the eye. Do not apply eyeshadow above the crease of the eye.
  • Choose a darker shade of eyeshadow (two to four shades darker than the base color).
  • Start at the inner corner and blend the darker shade into the base shade right on the crease of the eye as you move to the outer corner of the eye.
  • Continue blending and slightly pull the brush upwards as you reach the outer corner (think of it as a tail). This will make the almond shape more noticeable.
  • Select a light shade (pale colors work fine).
  • Brush through the eyeshadow on the crease, starting from the inner corner to blend it. Work your way up toward the brow bone. Brush the shadow up to the arch and slowly work your way back toward the outer eyelid crease.


Do not use cosmetics that belong to others or share cosmetics. This can spread eye infections and bring bacteria to your eyes. Clean your makeup brushes in boiling water once every three weeks. Replace your eye makeup every two months to avoid bacteria buildup.