Top 10 Cool Eyeliner Tricks

It’s all in the eyes. Even on a plain day, most ladies rely on liner for quick definition. There are tons of different eyeliner tricks and methods out there right? If you want your eyeliner to look smooth and professional, it is helpful to have some easy eyeliner tips and tricks in your arsenal. A few popular and very useful eyeliner tricks that will enable you to rock different looks are given here.

The Best Easy Eyeliner Tricks

  1. Use waterproof eyeliner on the lower lash line to avoid having unflattering dark rims beneath your lashes.
  2. Don’t be afraid to pile on that eyeliner more thickly than what you might think is normal. Try lining them according to what it looks like when your eyes are open, instead of closed even if that means creeping up toward the eyelid territory.
  3. Dropped eyeliner trick is in fact known to very few and most women even don’t know what a drop eye exactly is. It is in fact when you put on liner to half of your lower lid. It seems like you are leaving the line after halfway coating it. It looks extremely pretty and super chic.
  4. Eyeliner doesn’t always have to be black or brown, in fact, you could even get a little crazy and go with purple, blue or pink!
  5. The soft Kohl pencil is wonderful for smudging and some of the better quality pencils come with a smudge. If you only want to purchase one eyeliner at a time, the Kohl pencil is the most versatile lending itself to many different looks.
  6. If you like the ultra-dark color and flawless look of a liquid liner but don’t have the steadiest hands, get the same effect using a gel pot and an angled brush for easier application.
  7. Thick line is another eyeliner trick. Whether you’re creating winged eye or aiming at achieving cat eyes, chunky lines are very trendy at the moment! Besides looking trendier, thick lines also make your eyelashes seem fuller and thicker.
  8. Liquid eyeliner is best for dramatic, bold looks. Although it is usually the most difficult eyeliner to apply, once you learn the art of application, liquid eyeliner may become your preferred type of eyeliner.
  9. Open winged liner actually has a little opening at the end of the wing, giving the impression that the eyeliner is not connected. Give it a try ladies and let me know how you like it!
  10. Don’t think you have to get liner right in one swoop. Get it perfect by using a brush or pencil and drawing smaller dashes or dots against the lash line for a flawless straight line.

See ladies, there are just a few eyeliner tricks that you can mix and match with everyday! Were these tips helpful? Would you give any of them a try?