Effective Make Up Tips For Green Eyes

Green eyes sometimes get a bad rap (they are, after all, associated with being envious), but they’re uniquely beautiful and fun to make up since different eye shadow colors appear to alter their intensity. If you have green eyes, be smug in the knowledge that you are part of a small population. Green eyes are rare and therefore meant to be celebrated with a wide variety of makeup looks. If you don’t have green eyes, but want to get the look, experiment with green colored contacts. New options range from deep jade to bright emerald. Try on the best makeup for green eyes now in our virtual makeup studio.

The most important part of eyes makeup for green eyes is choosing the right eyes shadow shade. Green is blieved to have a coll touch, so complement your green eyes by using some warmer eye shadow shades like plum, gold, bronze, copper, brown, peach, mauve and purple. When you chose such warm eyes shadow for green eyes, you will instantly be able to see and sparkle in your eyes. Even eye shadow application is green eyes to look attractive and impressive.

cooler eye shadow shades like blue, white or silver are best kept out of the cosmetic kit, if you have green eyes, as these colores will make you look dull and pale.

Colors and Shades

Since our objective is to dramatize and enhance the green hazel eyes and not to tone them down, you must work on them with shades that do not compete with the color of your eyes. If your eyes are of a darker green shade, then choose lighter colors and if they are light hazel green shaded, choose darker shades. Also remember, that the colors should compliment the occasion that you would be wearing it to. To apply eye makeup for green eyes, choose colors like peach, violet, purple, brown, bronze, mauve, khaki and beige. Colors of eyeshadow and eye pencils should be used in a combination, rather than using the same color for both. Eyeshadow in shades of taupes, coral, mocha and lilacs will work very well to create that dramatic effect for green eyes.


The most important step in eye makeup for green eyes is the application of the eye shadow. Choose from any of the shades mentioned above and avoid shades of pink, white, gray and blue. For application, choose a light color as the highlighter. For example, lilac can be a good highlighter. Apply it to the row bone in a single thick stroke and apply evenly all over the bone. Then apply a darker shade, say a deep purple, to the crease of the eyes and blend well, until it is applied uniformly over the crease. This combination of lilac and deep purple will give a stark effect to your hazel green eyes. For a more subtle look, you can try using a combination of light bronze and brown.

Eyeliner/ Eye Pencil

Applying eyeliner or eye pencils to green eyes with eyeshadow on, will only enhance the makeup further. Eyeliner or eye pencil for makeup for hazel green eyes should be of golden, dark gray, shades of plums and violets or shades or brown and bronze. Apply the eyeliner or eye pencil on the outer ‘v’ shape of the eyelid by gliding it on smoothly. Apply the eyeliner or eye pencil on the lower eyelid as well, on the outer rim. If you are using an eyeliner, allow it to dry well and avoid blinking so that it does not smudge.


Mascara for eye makeup for green eyes should be either the transparent one or any shade of brown. Apply the mascara evenly after using an eyelash curler on the eyelashes.

Smoky Eye Makeup for Hazel Green Eyes

To create a smoky eyes look for green eyes, start with using an eyeshadow base or an eye concealer. Apply the darker shade over the crease evenly, in an outward and upward motion so that, it tapers towards the outer edge of the eye. Make the outer edge of the eye, both on top and down, darker than the inner edges. Apply the eyeliner on the entire upper eyelid and half way on the lower eyelid. Sculpt your eyebrows by filling it with dark brown brow powder.

Once you have done the eye makeup for green eyes, make sure you carry it off with confidence and welcome all the compliments with a smile!