Eye Make Up For Brown Eyes Tips: Step By Step Guideline

Brown eyes come in many different shades so let’s look at a kaleidoscope of colors to help us to enhance eye color. Colors opposite each other will be complementary so, will work to brighten each other up. For example: Red and green, orange and blue, purple and yellow.

The brown eyeballs peering at anyone can hypnotize him straightaway. You can beautify your brown eyes using proper shades and colors for eye makeup. You can alter your eye makeup depending on your costumes, occasions that you attend and the seasons. With variations in colors you can either create an entrancing look or a sexy smoky look. Right selection of color can make you look dramatic and even dreamy. All you need is to master the art of eye makeup and blend the hues proportionately to get the desired look. Check out these eye makeup tips for brown eyes. Read more on makeup tips for brown eyes and eye makeup for brown eyes.

Brown Eyes Makeup Tips

Eyes are the most attractive parts of your face. Eye makeup includes right selection of colors of your eye pencil, eye liners, mascaras and eye shadows. Go through the following content to get some brown eyes makeup ideas.

Eye Pencil or Eye Liner

Choosing the under eye color for brown eyes depends whether you want to broaden your eyes or keep the normal shape. The under eye color for small eyes with brown balls should be dark shades. Jet black, cocoa or navy blue create a widening effect for small eyes. If your eyes are big you may or may not use an under eye color.

While applying a liner over your eyelids, you can use shades of brown or dark gray charcoal. Gray shades create a smoky effect. Shades of turquoise blue or transparent blue look extremely gorgeous on brown eyes. If you are not using an eyeshadow, then highlight your eyes with colorful shades of eyeliners. Choose shades of green, purple, hazel or pink matching with your costumes and draw perfect lines over your eyelids. You can also opt for golden and copper shades to get a sparkle on your eyes. Read more on eyeliner for brown eyes.

Eye Shadow

Eye shadow play a crucial role in determining the nature of your makeup. Women with brown eyes are lucky as they can try out different eye shadows to highlight their eyes. Use bold colors at evening and light colors during day. Try to complement the shades with your eye liner and under eye color. If your liner is dark brown, go for an eyeshadow with lighter shades of brown. Navy blue shades look sexy with a smoky effect. You can use glitters shadows only at night. Silver shades co – ordinate well when your costume is white or silver. Merge the shades properly with brush when you are using bold colors like red, purple, orange or green. These colors are only meant for parties, gatherings, and informal events.

Formal look complements well with shades of brown, gray and also light pink. Light pink eye shadow, lavendar, peaches, taupes or copper brown shadow look sensuous on brown eyes. In the day time opt for neutral shades as eye makeup for brown eyes. Try not to contrast too much with the color of eyeliner and eyeshadow. Know more about eyeshadow for brown eyes.


Curl your eyelashes with jet black mascara. Mascara should emphasize your brown eyes. Do not experiment with the color of mascara. If you want an alternate for the black, pick a dark navy blue or brown hue.

Makeup for Brown Eyes – Correct Method

Once you have selected the colors to highlight your brown eyes, you should also know the right application technique. For a quick eye make, first line your under eye with eye pencil till the end. Then apply the liner carefully on your upper eyelid till the edge of your eyes, touching the end of the under eye color. This will give the basic frame to your eyes. Now spread the eye shadow over your eyelids till the corner. This is a very important step. Blend it smoothly and evenly all over. Make sure the application does clump or spot over your eyelids. Glitters should be blended well. Now apply the mascara on the upper and lower lashes in equal proportion