Eye Make Up Techniques For Small Eyes

Eyes are the windows to the soul. Having small eyes are not at all a problem if you concentrate your efforts on those small eyes to look great. Enlarging your eyes will become easy with perfection in your eye make up techniques and taking care of the skin near your eyes.

Applying makeup to small eyes can be a challenge. Too much eye makeup can make small eyes appear even smaller while too little can cause them to appear insignificant. It’s important to strike a happy medium and choose colors that will open up and accent small eyes. Here are some small eye makeup tips that can help give your eyes that extra pop.

Small eyes are proportionately smaller in comparison to the rest of the facial features. If you have small eyes, try the following eye makeup tips to make your eyes appear bigger.

Eye shadow

The next to concentrate on eye shadow is eye make up. Take care when applying even it is a commonly detained faith, impressive eye shadow doesn’t highlight your eyes. In fact, it will make just the opposite.

Applying dramatic eye shadow in excess will lead to shrivel your eyes by focusing them back into your face. So, apply eye shadow a little to look simple when you have small eyes.

Remember, simplicity is good when applying eye shadow. So, initially prefer only light-colored shadows and do not apply more than two shades at a time. Brush the eye shadow just beneath the ends of each eyebrow and immediately blend this near the inner end of the eyebrow. By applying simple eye shadow, you can improve and highlight your eyes on your face.


Next to enhance your eyes with eye make up is to concentrate the area around them. Dark circles around your eyes will make them look even smaller. Use a concealer in eye make up, to hide blemishes and dark circles under the eyes or to make these dark circle areas a little lighter. By doing this, you will be able to enhance your eyes.

Shape of Eyebrow

In your eye make up, finally concentrate on the shape of your eyebrows. Having brows too close together or heavy can make your eyes look smaller. To overcome this, tweeze your eyebrows more than normally. Better if you can bring your eyebrows about an eye length apart.