Eyeshadow For Green Eyes: Perfect Eye Make Up Solution

People who have green eyes have certain colors and techniques that look best when it comes to applying eye shadow. A person who has green eyes will not use the same colors and tones as a person who has brown or blues eyes. If a green-eyed woman wants to play up this feature on her face and make her eyes stand out, there are certain things she should know about how to apply eye shadow.

Choosing eyeshadow for green eyes can be a lot of fun, as they are fit for a wide range of colors from turquoise to chartreuse to forest green to bright light green and so on. Many tips are available for green eyes make up, but there are exceptions to every rule. So, the best advice is to try everything until you find out what looks best for your eyes.

Best Eyeshadow for Green Eyes:

While looking for the perfect eyeshadow for green eyes, an important factor that has to be considered is one’s skin tone. Usually, people with green colored eyes have very fair to medium skin tone. However, there are also dark skinned people who have green eyes. Moreover, as green has several shades like turquoise, forest green, chartreuse, light or very dark green, the shade of the eyeshadow will also depend upon this factor. Therefore, here are some eyeshadow tips for green eyes that will aid you while choosing one that suits your eye color.

  • One of the best colors that is most commonly used by people with green eyes is brown. Most of the shades available in brown color go well with green eyes, however, one that looks really great is chocolate brown. Other than brown, even dark green is a good color that will look fabulous on green eyes.
  • Apart from brown and dark green, other shades that adds to the beauty of green eyes include beige, cream, lavender, coral, light green, medium pink, soft purple, peach, lilacs, coral and mocha. Even yellow is said to be a great shade that goes really well with people who have green colored eyes. These shades are usually used for base eye makeup and also can be used for the blusher.
  • Once you have chosen the base color that heightens the look of your eyes, the next step is to choose the highlighters. For everyday makeup, using taupe or apricot shade to highlight your eyes is a good choice. Whereas, if you want an evening look, it is best to go for darker shades like metallics, dark purples, mauve, gray with purple undertones, plum, etc. Gold and copper shades are used to achieve a glamorous look and should be saved for special occasions.
  • While you are looking for an eyeshadow for green eyes, one of the most important things that you have to know is the eyeshadow that does not go well with green eyes. Basically, you have to avoid cool colors including white, blue, silver, light pink, etc., as these colors give a dull look to the splendid green eyes. It is also important to stay away from pastel shades as such colors are preferred as eyeshadow for blue eyes. Know more about eye makeup for green eyes.

How to Apply Eye Shadow for Green Eyes:

Some women simply take an eye shadow brush and sweep it over their eyelids, but if they are serious about making their eyes pop there is a little more to it than that. An eye shadow primer should be used on the eyelids before applying the shadow.

This helps to keep the color in place and keeps it on the eyes for a longer period of time. It can also help eye shadow colors be more visible. If a person has no primer, foundation or concealer can also work for this purpose as well.

An eye shadow brush should always be used to apply the shadow and blend the products as well. Using a finger spreads bacteria to the eye and can also leave harsh lines of makeup around the face. A woman should invest in a good set of eye shadow brushes and clean them on a regular basis.

Start with the lightest eye shadow color first and sweep it over the entire eyelid. This is the base color but may not be the main color that shows through. Apply the second color to the base of the eyelid but be sure to not pull on the eyelid. Instead, lightly close it to apply the shadow. Blend the colors together so that no hard lines can be seen. A third color can be used, but it should be the darkest color and only applied to the outside of the eyes and along the lash line.

Learning how to apply eye shadow for green eyes can make all the difference in the appearance of women with that shade of eyes. Learning how to highlight the eyes with the proper complementary colors and apply the shadow so it looks professionally done can easily make a woman go from dull to delicious.