Get Attractive Look In Summer With Make Up

Summer is the time to give your body the healthy tan and protect it from the horrors of sunburn, baked and dry lips and even sun-scorched skin cancer! There are some makeup disasters that can happen in summer sun and a relaxing beach noon that we do not pay adequate attention too.

Summer is full of pleasures but melting makeup, sliding eyeliner, and supersticky lipstick are not among them.The hot and humid days of summer may cause the foundation to melt or liquefy. And on the other hand no powder stands up to the sweating process. Therefore it becomes more important to know the proper way of doing makeup in summer season. Some tips are given here to help you know what kind of make up to apply and how to prevent your makeup from melting down in during the summer.

Here we are going to discuss them along with some other tips to keep you pretty like sunshine.

Summer Makeup Tips

  • You should try to be natural in summer season to the extent possible.
  • During the summer you should put on as less make-up as possible because your face needs to breathe.
  • You should try a little bronzer on your face in place of foundation.
  • You should try to skip the foundation, if possible.
  • Instead of that you should opt for an oil free moisturizer.
  • If you cannot avoid the need to apply foundation then try to replace it with calamine lotion.
  • Still if you need the foundation then try to keep it to the minimum. You should try to use some cover stick on the areas that really need coverage.
  • You should apply a light oil-free moisturizer and work it in over your cover stick. This will give you a light natural glow.
  • You should use the blush-on sparingly. If possible prefer to go bare cheeked.
  • You should blot any perspiration or oil build by pressing a moistened tissue paper gently on the areas in order to keep that oily shine off your face.
  • While applying mascara you should go for longwearing or waterproof mascara.
  • Similarly you should go for choosing eye pencils over liquid liners.
  • You should try to skip eyeliner and mascara on the lower lashes because it is likely to streak in the sweaty under-eye area.
  • You should keep the lips protected and moisturized in the summer. You can do this by using a lip balm.
  • During summer season consider switching to a moisture-rich lipstick. And forget matte and powdery lipsticks.
  • But if you love matte then you should try lip crayons for a more natural finish.
  • You should go for lip-gloss in transparent, pink or fruity colors.
  • While applying summer makeup you should use sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) that is suitable for the climatic conditions to help protect the skin against sun exposure.
  • You should go in for a proper pedicure to give your feet care and attention it requires.
  • You should paint your toenails with bright colors.
  • You can also add a toe ring for extra sparkle of your feet.