How to Apply Blush Properly: Blush Makeup Tips

Now pay attention and read carefully as we give you some of the amazing blusher tricks. The tricks will give you the power and the magic of the fairy godmother’s magic wand to turn any ugly duckling into a princess, a plane Jane into a beauty goddess. It all depends on the tricks to blush up the right way. For in your face your eyes and lips no matter how well done will fail to create the magic if you don’t highlight your cheeks properly.

Blush Makeup is one way to give color to your cheeks using powders, creams or liquids. By using blush makeup on your face would not only give color to your cheeks, but you can also make your cheek bone structure is looked perfectly.

Blush is probably the most overlooked makeup product there is. Blush gives your face a rosy, healthy glow. You can also use blush to contour facial features to enhance your cheekbones, elongate a round face, minimize a long face and highlight your best features. Most women skip this vital makeup step because they do not know exactly how to apply blush in the correct fashion. Use these blush application tips to help.

Tips for Choosing Blush Makeup Colors:

When buying blush makeup it is necessary to ensure that there is proper lighting in the shop and try out a few likely shades with help from the cosmetic counter salesperson. Pick a blush color that is closest to a natural heightened tone of the skin after exercising. This will help to find the color that will resemble your natural complexion and not make the blush look contrived or your face too made up.

  • Most blush makeup is one of two types: gold harmony, which comprises tones of coral, orange and reddish brown tones and the blue-tinged harmony, which has rose beige colors.
  • Those with a fair complexion would do well to choose a blush with a grayish yellow (beige), sun kissed golden-brown (tawny) and pink tones since these will highlight the lightness of the skin.
  • Women with olive/yellow-toned skin will benefit from a blush tinged with warm brown, almond and copper shades, as these will blend in naturally and smoothly.
  • Darker skinned women can opt for plum, auburn and deep bronze shades in blush to achieve a glamorous yet warm look.
  • Women who have a rich tan on their skin can show it to perfection with a complementary blush in shades tinged with orange, apricot, peach and coral hues.

Applying Blush Makeup Tricks:

  • Soften bright blush with loose face powder.
  • Always apply blush with a larger round brush. Don’t use the small stick-like thing they give you in the compact.
  • Your blush should match the rest of your makeup but specially the lip color.
  • Never use blush on the underside of cheekbones.
  • Select a color of blush that resembles the natural color of your cheeks after you exercise.
  • Use blush on your temples and around jawline to contour your face. Be sure to blend well.
  • Apply blush last,  after all other makeup.