How To Apply Mineral Makeup – 6 Useful Tips

Mineral Makeup is good for your skin, but you want to make sure that you look as good as you feel. Mineral makeup is a big trend right now, especially for those that want to look natural while wearing makeup or just want a more natural product. Many women know about mineral makeup and the benefits that come with using it but are not sure how to apply it. However, the question remains exactly how do you apply mineral makeup? So, follow these step by step tips I have mention below:

The Effective Tips on How to Apply Mineral Makeup

  • Always start with a clean face and apply moisturizer as usual. Make sure your skin is dry before applying foundation. Applying mineral foundation makeup is still a vital task. Who wouldn’t want to wear this when it helps keep your skin look flawless and sheer?
  • If you would like more coverage then you will need to use either a kabuki brush or the flat top brush next. Whichever brush you prefer using, simple swirl it in the foundation just like the other brushes, tap off the excess, and gently apply to your skin by using a buffing motion.
  • Blush is also applied with a large brush, but it is best to use a different brush than you used for foundation. Using the same brush will affect the color of your makeup. Tap blush into the lid. Swirl a large brush into the powder and tap against the side of the jar to remove excess powder. Apply blush lightly to the apples of your cheeks. Use the brush to blend the color to avoid a line or circle.
  • Using the eye shadow brush, tap some eye shadow into the lid. Swirl the shadow onto your brush and tap off the excess. Apply as required. you will find that the mineral shadows glide on beautifully. Be creative and mix and match your mineral makeup to make your own colors.
  • Dip your liner brush into water then wet applicator into the desired color. Mix the powder and water together on the back of your hand or in a separate container to create a creamy liquid liner. Dip the eyeliner brush into the liquid and carefully apply to the upper and/or lower lids, staying as close to the lashes as possible.
  • Layering your lip products will really help keep the colors on throughout the day. We suggest lining and shaping the lips with a lip liner. If you like natural colors choose Flirt (a natural shade) then apply your lipstick or lipgloss over it.

Here are some important suggestions please note them. When the seasons change, so should your foundation color. Stock up on two or three different shades, so that you look your best year-round. Less is more with mineral makeup. Apply just a tiny bit and build from there.