How to Choose the Right Foundation for Your Skin Type

Choosing the Right Makeup Foundation

{SCA} A woman should first remember that foundation makeup is just that – the layer upon which all her other makeup will rest.

How good her foundation makeup looks will determine how the rest of her cosmetics look, so she should keep in mind that foundation makeup is not meant to change the skin’s color. It is meant to match the color as closely as possible.

Now that we have thanked whomever we had to thank for foundation, lets get to how we would go about buying and choosing the perfect foundation.Here are some helpful tips:


Keep Skin Color In Mind

Choose your foundation according to your skin color. Whether your face is milky white, of chocolate color or you have a wheat-ish complexion, you need to explore a foundation that matches your skin tone. Whether your skin is pale or tanned, you need to know your exact skin tone before you scour the souk. In almost all the stores, you will find sample foundations or testers. Rather than under your wrists, apply the tester on your neck or face, to match it with your skin tone.

Buy As Per Your Skin Type

Check your skin type i.e. whether your skin falls under oily, dry or normal skin type and choose the foundation accordingly. Go for oil-free, water-based foundation with no or very less mineral oil, if you have oily skin. The creamier ones will work if you have dry skin. Then, there are foundations available specifically for the normal skin as well. Moreover, buy your foundation from a reputed brand only. Along with that, also decide on what type of look you would like to get, while buying the foundation.

Remember The Weather

If you live in a hotter climate, go with the foundation that is sweat-proof and has high SPF, to protect your skin from UV rays. In any case, it is always good to go with sunscreen-laden foundation, whatever be the climate you live in. In addition, there are different kinds of foundation available in the market, such as sheer foundation, liquid and compact foundation. If you live in a warmer climate, go for sheer foundation. It is also a good choice for day use as well, since it allows the natural tone of your skin to shine and gives the non-sticky feel. Liquid foundation works well in winters.

Ease Of Use & Application Time

Women who want their foundation to stay long and be easy to apply can go for liquid foundation. A light touch of a liquid foundation is enough for a woman without much skin problems. Powder foundation is the best for women who don’t have much time to devote to make up. Whatever be the type of foundation you use, make sure that it suits your skin tone and type.

Consider Skin Condition & Age Factor

If you have fine lines on your face, don’t go for a liquid foundation, as it creates crease on the face, if not applied properly. Middle-aged women should go for powder foundation. However, if you have dry skin, it will be best for you to use it with a base. In addition, it is best for a middle-aged woman to go for foundations as close as the skin tone as possible.


  • Test all new products on a patch of your skin before using on your face to make sure they do not cause an allergic reaction.
  • Ask a beauty  representative for recommendations if you’re having trouble deciding what you need. She will be able to notice things about your skin color that you will not see.