How To Choose The Right Makeup For Pale Skin

Pale skin can be very translucent so finding the right foundation is one of your most important tasks. You may find that being so fair that you are a little more prone to aging especially if you live in a sunny climate. I would recommend that if your foundation doesn’t contain a good amount of SPF that you always apply sunscreen on a daily basis as part of your beauty routine and, before your foundation to aid you in slowing the aging process.

If you’re blessed with a milky white Celtic complexion, then you know the trials and tribulations of trying to find a foundation makeup for pale skin. Since people with especially fair skin are in the minority, Cosmetics companies simply don’t have an adequate selection of shades of foundation makeup for pale skin.

This means products tend to be too white, or else dark enough to leave a noticeable ‘tide line’ where the cosmetic ends and your natural flesh begins. While this can be frustrating, don’t despair. There are some good brands of foundation makeup for pale skin out there, they just take a little more work to find.

If you know some small makeup tricks, you can learn what are those colors and shades that work best for your complexion, and how to use them in a way to make your face radiant and show your natural beauty.

Makeup for Pale Skin:

Base Makeup for Pale skin:

No matter how easy it is to deal with fair or pale skin, it could be a tricky job. This is because there are many flaws which you have to hide with this makeup for pale skin.

The first thing we do is set a base for the makeup, hence applying the right shade of makeup foundation is very important, but mix it with a pinch of moisturizer. When you select the perfect shade which matches your skin tone, make sure you apply one coat of the foundation, uniformly all over your face till your neck.

The concealer is the next product which you can use to conceal your flaws like freckles, dark spots, under eye circles, marks, etc. A number of makeup brands produce base makeup products especially for pale skin.

Make sure you cover your veins and blood vessels with a few concealer tips, which are accentuated in pale skinned women, and the concealer should always be two tones lighter than the foundation.

Blush Makeup for Pale skin:

After you have set your base with the two most important factors in makeup, you can start with the actual process, which is adding color!

You will need to know how to apply blush in a very faint layer to your cheeks so that they look held up and not sloppy. For this you can use a one tone lighter blush than the concealer, with a slight tinge of pink.

Pink or peach colored blush is always preferred for pale skin, since the glossy pink is immediately noticed over the light skin tone. Thus, with the help of a brush, dust the blush on your cheeks equally on both the sides.

Eye Makeup for Pale skin:

When you are set with your beautiful looking face, take up your eyes. In eye makeup for pale skin, you have to remember to use a variety of colors in your palate.

Depending on what color dress or outfit you are going to wear, select the eyeshadow and apply the light shade below the eyebrow first. Then pick the darker shade and gently apply it on the ball area of the eye, just above the eyelash.

After this, carefully line the eyeliner right up till the end of the eye corner and you can extend it outside to get a beautiful edge.

Brush the eyelashes with mascara, and you can either use black or dark brown, whichever suits your look.

Lip Makeup for Pale skin:

Well, for the finale of your pale skin makeup, choose the right lip colors, preferably dark since you are fair skin.

If you are wearing dark clothes, try to pick bright colors like red, maroon, purple, etc. and use good lip makeup tips. These will give you a gorgeous and luscious lip look.

However, select lighter colors like pink, peach, bronze, coffee, lavender, etc. if you are wearing something slightly faded or white. If you want, use a lip liner, or else the lipstick, gloss or balm will be perfect!

With these great tips on makeup for pale skin, we are sure you can’t wait to get ready and party! Well, women and beauty are associated to only each other, and no matter what your skin color is, you are born to be the prettiest. So, take the liberty to look absolutely stunning and don’t feel shy to turn those heads.