How to do Brown Eye Makeup | Some Great Techniques

Brown eyes come in many different shades so let’s look at a kaleidoscope of colors to help us to enhance eye color. Colors opposite each other will be complementary so, will work to brighten each other up. For example: Red and green, orange and blue, purple and yellow.

Depending on the shade of brown your eyes are will determine the shades of eye shadow you may use to brighten the brown which, may give you the effect of lightening that you are after, especially if you use colors that shimmer. If your eyes have a yellow tinge, try using an eye shadow with a purple tone.

You lucky girl! Makeup tips for brown eyes are the easiest of all because you have a color of eyes that every color goes with. From the lightest golds to the darkest smokey colors – it all works for you. Still, there are times when you might wonder which colors to choose.

Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes

The first step of eye makeup is applying an eyeshadow. Choosing an eyeshadow color for brown eyes in not very difficult, as almost all shades go well with them. However, there are certain shades that suit them more than others. More on makeup tips for eyes.


One of the best makeup tips for brown eyes is choosing the color of the eyeshadow according to the eye color, that is deep brown, medium, light or hazel. Read about how to apply eye shadow.

Dark Brown Eyes:

There are many makeup ideas for brown eyes. Girls lucky enough to have dark brown eyes can experiment with many colors as all shades go well with their eye color. However, women with dark brown eyes should avoid using dark colors as they will end up looking over the top. Blending dark colors with light colors will make your eyes look more dramatic and enhance their beauty. Eye makeup tips for brown eyes include shades of pink, mauve, and brown, along with gold or rusty colors.

Medium Brown Eyes:

Girls with medium brown eyes can go with shades of mauve, purple, violet and green. You can also express your earthy side with shades of copper, gold and bronze. How about looking a little funky? Use a mixture of different shades to give your eyes a trendy look.

Light Brown Eyes:

Light brown eyes can make an impact and can look very pretty. Use light colors like yellow as highlighters for your eyes. Don’t use dark colors all over your lids, just on the inner part above your lash line, or maybe you can use different dark colors as eyeliners to enhance your eyes.

Hazel Eyes:

Hazel eyes look great with colors like mauve and champagne. Use shades of pink and brown to highlight your eyes. Girls with hazel eyes should go for colors slightly darker than their skin tone. These are some of the hazel eye makeup tips.


Choosing the right eyeliner is a very important aspect of eye makeup. Girls with dark brown or medium brown eyes should go for black or dark brown eyeliner. Use dark brown eyeliner for daytime and black eyeliner with black mascara at night. Girls with light brown eyes should avoid black eyeliner. You can go for dark brown instead. Hazel eyes look good with bronze, violet or dark brown eyeliner. These were some of the applying eyeliner tips for brown eyes.

Brown Eye Makeup Video Tutorial

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Eye Make-up for Brown Eyes Pictures Gallery – Step by Step Guide