How To Do Eye Makeup For Big Eyes

Everybody in this world wants to look beautiful. This desire becomes more prominent especially if there is some special occasion or party. Eyes are the windows of the soul. They reveal your confidence and lend individuality to your face. The right eye make up can help in creating magic and getting attention to your eyes. Your eye makeup can really define your look.

Applying eye makeup  properly is not just about getting ready for a night on the town or a day at work, but it can actually enhance and maximize your features. Many women long to make their eyes look bigger and better, because studies have attributed large eyes as a sign of beauty and femininity in females. Learn how to make your eyes wide and beautiful with these simple makeup tricks.

Apply eyeliner using an eye shadow brush: To make your eyes look bigger, eyeliner is necessary. Use both cream eyeliner and liquid eyeliner to draw the perfect line. Use a steady hand to draw the line from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye. By applying the cream eyeliner with a small brush, you can have better control over the application. After applying the cream eyeliner as the base, you can on top draw the eyeliner again using the liquid eyeliner. For beauty novices, the cream eyeliner is much easier to apply than the eyeliner pencil.

Highlight your eyelids using cream eyeliner: Gently lift your eyelid. Dip some cream eyeliner onto the applicator brush. Start from the middle of the eyeliner and draw smoothly towards the outer eye corner. Draw a thicker line in the middle of the eye to attain the big eye effect. To be more fashionable, you can extend the eye line to a bit longer than the outer eye corner end and make a little tail. This finishes half of the upper eye line. Start from the middle again and draw the eye line towards the inner eye corner. If you cannot do it smoothly in one step, do not worry. The key is to draw the color evenly and leave no gap. Follow the same steps for your lower lash line. Finally, apply the liquid eyeliner on top of the cream eyeliner again to strengthen the effect.

Apply eye shadow expertly for big eye enhancement: Eye shadow is essential for big and attractive eyes. However, you do not need to apply too much eye shadow. You only need the layering effect. Pick one color scheme. From the color scheme, choose three eye shadow color shades from the darkest to the lightest. Apply the darkest shade between the lash line and the crease with the width of roughly 0.5cm. You may need to apply a little bit more to give a heavier color. Take some medium color eye shadow with your finger. Smudge it over the other part of the eyelid. Blend the two colors well to make it natural.

Embellish your eye shape with a light eye shadow shade: Use a brush to apply the lightest shade to the area under the end of your eyebrow at an angle of 45 degree upwards. This helps embellish your eye shape to make it more attractive.

Finally, do not forget your lower lash line area. To make the whole look natural, you must also do a matching makeup to the lower part. You need to take the darkest color shade and apply it to the end of the lash line or outer corner area. You do not need a heavy shade here. Just smudge to make the colors in tune with the upper eye and you are ready to go.