The Effective Tips on How To Touch Up Your Makeup

Giving touch up to your makeup is a real art. Done in the right way, it can make even an extremely busy and frazzled professional woman look as fresh and beautiful as the morning dew. After doing perfectly flawless makeup every women started worrying about its time of fading off especially if she is going for any long duration party the main thing comes to her mind is does her makeup resist for so much time? Following the steps below, in order, will revive the look you started with and show you how to touch up your makeup.

How To Touch Up Your Makeup

  • Keep it simple. You shouldn’t ever need to reapply your entire face at any point throughout the day.
  • Use concealer: If you have any dark spot problem on your face then better to apply concealer slightly so that all your flaws would be hide. apply concealer to your dark spots and dark circles.
  • Once you have removed the extra oil from your face, smooth out your foundation, blush and contour by using a fresh sponge. A soft buffing motion should be used. As you go about with the sponge on your face, ensure that you smooth things up.
  • Applying the pressed powder with the sponge it provides is probably only good for the first one or two uses. After that, unless you’re up for washing your sponge all the time, it can be quite unhygienic. Use a retractable brush instead and sweep the powder all over.
  • Remove all of your lipstick so you can start over after you have touched up your face makeup. Apply a light layer of lip balm if your lips feel dry.
  • Brighten your eyes: Perk up your peepers by dabbing a light (white or beige) shadow around the inside corner of your eyes, and dotting it lightly along the upper lash line.
  • If your eyeliner has smeared underneath your eyes and you want to give it a touch up, use a powdered shadow instead of a pencil. Use the corner of your sponge to clear off the smeared eyeliner.
  • If your eyeshadow have creased, blot the area gently with a tissue or blotting paper and then use a brush to smooth out the color. Apply a powder over the area to even out the shadows and add whatever color is needed to make the eye makeup look balanced.
  • In last step, you can reapply your lipstick and lip liner in the end.

Hope you will follow these useful makeup tips. So, here are some suggestions to follow them. Use good quality product which has long lasting resisting capability. Avoid using shiny lipsticks for long duration party go for matte. While doing touch ups remember to apply everything in little amount not too much.