How To Wear Makeup with Glasses – Best Beauty Tips

When you wear eye glasses, your eye makeup can make or break your look. Your eyes become the focal point of your face when you slip on glasses, so your makeup must be meticulous, especially when the lenses have a tendency to alter the appearance of your eyes. It’s not so much the shape and color of your fames that determines how you should apply your eye makeup, but the prescription itself. Nearsighted? Farsighted?

Makeup is a beauty accessory, much like a purse or shoes are fashion accessories, that should match nicely and accentuate your best features. Those who wear glasses need a bit of strategy in their cosmetic routine. Your frames and lenses will determine how you should do your makeup; the color and style of your frames determine eyeshadow color and amount, while the lenses dictate what feature you should enhance or downplay.

Eyeglasses have the uncanny ability to amplify the eyes, so the less makeup present, the better the overall affect. This, naturally, depends on the frames and magnification, so if the glasses are bold and colorful, opt for neutral tones and less makeup. If your glasses are a bit less extreme or they make your eyes less magnified, adding a healthy dose of color to your lids can create a charming look.

Makeup Tips With Eyeglasses:

One of the most common beauty blunders one usually tends to commit to compensate for their covered peepers is to overdo their eyes. Most often, we are swayed with the idea that more is less, when it comes to decking up your framed eyes. However, it is a beauty crime that might end up, making you look over the top. Eyeglasses tend to highlight everything, right from excess makeup to tiniest smudge. So be balanced with the brushes and colors.

Before you get on to glam your peepers, pause to consider the frame. Loud eye makeup is an absolute no-no if you wear thick, bold, bright frames. Stick to mute tones like peaches, cream and sands. However, for more delicate looking rimless eye wear, you can go for a dramatic look and jazz up your peepers with tones of gray and bronze.

No matter what you do and which makeup you wear, nothing kills an impression better than tired looking, dark-circled eyes, a problem that gets more pronounced with glasses. Thus, it is important to primp up your peepers with a good concealer to camouflage the flaws and dark circles. Concealer not only guises the blemishes, but also brightens up the eyes, making one look more attractive than ever.

Eye shadows add maximum appeal to your peepers and what shade you choose and how you wear it often plays a decisive role on how you look. Keep the shade neutral, if you wear heavy, chunky frames. Avoid shimmer or frosty shadows since they tend to get more reflected. Apply the eyeshade in a thin stroke over the liner taking care not to exceed the eye length. You can add shades of blue, green and pink if you like to play with colors. Keep the strokes light to avoid making a glaring fashion statement.

It’s important to line your eyes rightly to make an impression. Avoid making too big or too small lines, as these usually tend to be too overblown or totally irrelevant. Outline your lids with a thin stroke of eye pencil and then smudge it for heightened effect. However, it is important to keep the line close to the lids for maximum appeal.

Mascara adds volume and definition to one’s eyes and often a wrong stroke of wand can mar the way you look, more so if you sport a glass. Coat your lashes with two brush of mascara for the best effect. If you have big eyes or thick glasses, it is best to avoid mascara altogether. It’s wise to go with voluminous mascara that boosts your lashes than the ones meant to lengthen it.

Add a final touch with a light hued lip color or lip gloss for a pretty look. When using lip liner, keep the lines soft as thick lines will make your lips more pronounced, making your face look messy.


Do not wear mascara at all if the glasses sit too close to your eyes, because the the lashes will brush against the lenses. This can leave smears and generally look clumpy and heavy.