Make Up Tips For Acne Prone Skin: You Should know

People who are suffering from acne should be careful about the kind of makeup they use. Every woman craves for perfect skin and with the right makeup it is possible to camouflage existing acne and also prevent them from appearing. Some cosmetics cause an acne flareup so it is very important to choose the most suitable cosmetics that will not lead to breakouts. Follow these steps to achieve flawless looking makeup coverage for your acne prone skin.

Best Make Tips for Acne Skin

  • Cleanse your face with your finger tips with a mild cleanser. Rinse with warm water, then splash cool water on your face. Pat your face dry with a soft towel. This helps to close the pores.
  • Now apply rose water or a gentle non alcoholic toner with a soft cotton all over your face. This helps cleansing the little bit of dirt left over on the skin and pores after cleaning.
  • Use a water based or oil free moisturizer on your face to avoid a greasy look. You can even mix some lavender oil or tea tree oil with your moisturizer to soothe your skin.
  • Now pour little foundation on your palm and apply evenly all over your face with delicate sliding, long sweeps, or in a circular motion for proper blending. The foundation must be oil free, water based, transparent or matte. You can also mix some powder with your foundation for better coverage of your acne. A slight tinted oil free moisturizer can also be used in place of the foundation and not apply too much foundation on your acne.
  • Use a clean makeup brush to apply the blusher on your cheeks with its tip. Sweep and merge it properly so that it doesn’t highlight your acne. The blusher should also be oil free and mild.
  • Now gently apply a concealer with your finger tip to cover the acne, pimple and spots on your face. The concealer should be high quality and should match the color of your foundation and skin tone for best coverage of the blemishes on the skin.
  • For the final touch, spray light powder on your face for a perfect look. This also gives you a neat, oil free and smooth look.

Tips For Choosing Makeup For Acne Prone Skin

There are certain things that you should keep in mind while shopping for cosmetics if you have acne prone skin.

  • Use only oil free makeup and avoid products that contain oil from petroleum like mineral oil.
  • You might find sunscreens too oily, so use foundations that contain titanium oxide as it is a naturally occurring sun protector.
  • Avoid cosmetics that contains ingredients like dimenthicone and bismuth oxychloride as they can clog pores of your skin and cause blemishes.
  • Zinc oxide and Kaolin clay are very good oil absorbing and anti-inflammatory ingredients. So make sure that these products are present in your makeup.
  • Avoid products that contain alcohol, as alcohol dries out the skin by stripping it of moisture. This in turn leads to excessive production of oil causing clogging of pores and pimples.
  • You can also opt for mineral makeup for acne prone skin. Mineral makeup contain products like zinc oxide, titanium oxide, organic botanical extracts that have anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties. You might like to know more about liquid mineral makeup and mineral makeup for oily skin.
  • For removing makeup it is important to use a gentle cleanser for acne prone skin. Make sure that you remove all traces of makeup from your skin before going to bed. More on natural facial cleansers.


  • Never pick or squeeze pimples because this can cause pimples to spread or scar.