Makeup Solutions For Sensitive Skin: You Must Know

Makeup is considered to be a way of highlighting one’s features and enhance the way one looks. However, this may not be true for people who have sensitive skin. This is because every time they apply makeup on their face, they have to deal with acne and other skin related problems on the next day. This can be quite frustrating, especially for women who have to use makeup as a part of their everyday routine.

However, one need not have to worry anymore as companies manufacturing beauty products have come up with cosmetics and makeup products that suit people who have sensitive skin. So, if you have sensitive skin and are tired of dealing with the skin problems caused by regular makeup, it is necessary for you to know about sensitive skin makeup.

Having sensitive skin means you need to take extra care when purchasing makeup products. Avoid items that can irritate, dry your skin and clog your pores to help you use makeup properly without damaging your skin. Skin Care Guide notes some of the common symptoms of sensitive skin are tingling, tightening, reoccurring irritation, dryness and redness. Be sure to drink plenty of water and eat a balanced diet, as providing your body with the proper hydration and nutrition will help to promote and maintain healthy skin.

Silicone – Based Foundation

One of the golden rules of selecting the perfect foundation for sensitive skin is to choose the liquid formulas as these are rich in silicone which makes them more compatible with your complexion. Also, it is important to mention that these won’t generate acne as well as irritation so often as the solid ones. Besides pairing it to your skin type make sure it also suits your complexion tone. This way you’ll guarantee the spotless effect of your makeup base.

Water – Proof Products

Skip waterproof make up, is one of the basic tips when we deal with sensitive skin. Those who have a similar skin type would have to pay special attention to the fact that these product work with an ingredient that might need a harsher handling in order to be able to resist various effects and make up removers . Sebum is essential to fuel your skin with hydration therefore it is important to spare your complexion from any solutions that might eliminate this conditioning factor. Those who refuse to stick to this principle might expose their complexion to various damages.

Colored Eye Make Up

Indeed colorful and vibrating make up is in vogue, however no matter how stylish it would be it is still dangerous for those who have a sensitive complexion. Colored mascaras and eyeliners as professionals claim might produce some severe allergic reactions that would irritate the skin and could produce irreversible damages to the skin. Therefore black should be for you the safest option. Appeal to the skin friendly products to prevent any deterioration.

Pencil Eyeliner

Eyeliners come in various formulas both in liquid as well as pencil shape. However the ones that are the most suitable for sensitive skin are pencils since these are wax-based and that might be enriched with less preservatives and more pigments. Their liquid counterpart however might contain a high amount of latex which is often the main source of allergies. The sensitivity might not be as prominent in the case of wax as it is with latex. Moreover the removal of pencil eyeliners is also much easier and wouldn’t require the use of harsh chemicals and products.

Earth – Tone Eye Shadow

Surprisingly the shades that would protect sensitive skin from irritation are also extremely voguish this season. Earth tones as beige, brownish tones as well as a natural tan would all be included in the group of eye shadow shades that have the chance to cause the less irritation to the eyelids. Various experiments proved that these light tones would spare you from allergic reactions when exposed to the sun or other potential enemies.