Makeup Tips For Girls: Apply Daily For Looking Gorgeous

The purpose of daily makeup is generally to maintain your looks on a regular basis. So this includes the simple things that help you proceed in your daily life. However, applying cosmetics on a daily basis may not be a good idea as too much of it could prove harmful for the skin. But the argument in its favor says that daily makeup helps the women feel more confident.

Daily Makeup Tips

  • Always remember that while using the cosmetics on a daily basis you should use only quality products.
  • Therefore choosing the cosmetics is an important step as it is directly related to the skin care and health.
  • For the purpose of daily makeup usually powder cosmetics are preferred because they not only keep the shine under control but also contain less preservatives and skin irritants as compared to the liquid ones.
  • In case you cannot avoid use of the liquid foundation then you should opt for one, which has a silicone base because the silicone base does not cause acne.
  • If you apply makeup daily then you also need to remove it daily and for this you may need to use the makeup remover.
  • But remember that using makeup remover to clean out waterproof cosmetics also wipes out the protective layer of sebum from the skin, therefore you should use waterproof cosmetics only occasionally and not on routine basis.
  • You should never use the cosmetics that have crossed their expiry dates because it could be extremely harmful.
  • You should also wash and clean the makeup brushes and sponges regularly.
  • Normal life span of the cosmetics
    • Mascaras: about 3 to 4 months
    • Foundations: last for 1 year
    • Lipsticks: last for 1 year
    • Powder: last for about 2 years
    • Eye shadows: last for about 2 years.
      • For the purpose of daily makeup Pencil eyeliner and eyebrow pencils that are wax based should be preferred because they can be cleaned off easily by using water only.
  • For the daily makeup light earth tones are preferable as they not only give a natural look but also are less likely to cause skin irritation than the darker colors.
  • You should use a broad-spectrum sunscreen. The sunscreen with a Sun Protection Factor 15 or higher and with ingredients such as zinc oxide or titanium dioxide is very effective in avoiding the harmful effects of UVA rays.
  • However, for the daily use cosmetics with fewer ingredients are much safer therefore you should opt for the cosmetics that contain not more than 10 ingredients.
  • Though nail polishes are very important for giving a beautiful look to your hands but they are not for daily use.
  • For a quick pedicure you should scrape the dead skin off the soles of your feet after shower using an emery board.
  • You should rub them over with lotion or olive oil or petroleum jelly and push back the cuticles of your toenails.
  • You can wear socks all the time to maintain them.
  • For a quick manicure you can follow the similar procedure.
  • You can maintain them by wearing gloves at night.