Outstanding Makeup Tips for Oval Faces

Finding makeup tips for oval faces can be super daunting right? Oval is a perfectly balanced face; the top half balances the bottom half. Those who have oval face are extremely lucky coz they have a perfectly balanced face. Well, I’ve got them ladies! I’ve got all of the makeup tips for oval faces that really work and that will make your beautiful shape really stand out! Try these fabulous makeup tips if you have an oval-shaped face.

The Best Oval Faces Makeup Tips

  • Apply the concealer covering the area from underneath the eyes to the outer cheekbones. Use a bit in the center of the forehead as well.
  • What you don’t want to do though, is highlight your lips and your eyes at the same time, that’s too much. So ladies, if you are going out for the night and want to look hot, just do up your lips just right and dim down the eyes a little bit! That way your lips can stand out!
  • Use a bronze shadow all over your eyelid and mark out your socket line with a softly smudged brown pencil. A pearly pink eye shadow applied in the area above your socket line will create a delicate look. Using a blue kohl pencil along the edge of your eyes will emphasize the size of your eyes.
  • Keep Your Natural Brow Arch: While this might not be a makeup tip for an oval face exactly, it’s still a tip to make the most of the shape of your face – keep your natural arch in your brow. It will absolutely make a difference in how your face looks and how your makeup looks.
  • You actually want to avoid a lot of blush when you have an oval face. That’s why this is my 4th makeup tip for oval faces! So girls, lock up a lot of the blush or just use very little to make your face appear longer!
  • While you are deciding on soft pinks, another makeup tips for oval faces is to consider soft colored shadows. Blues, greens, pinks and even some yellows can all be in soft, soft colors that won’t be as harsh or out there!
  • Whether you are using lip gloss to tone down the lips or you just want to make them shine, lip gloss is a fantastic product to use on any oval shaped face!

So girls, what other makeup tips for an oval face do you have? What tips have you used? Do you have anymore makeup tips for oval faces to share? Spill!