Most Effective Tips For Halloween Makeup

The trend for Halloween make up became popular by the fantasy touch inside the reality of the Halloween night. The atmosphere and patterns are such that creates an impression where you need to pretend and hide your original look and appearance as if you are living in an unreal world. And fantasy has no rules for appearance. You can turn yourself into whatever you want to be a clown, an animal or a vampire.

There are so many different types of Halloween costumes out there that may require you to apply makeup. Whether you are applying your own makeup or your child’s makeup, it may seem challenging. However, it shouldn’t be. Here are some makeup tips that you should take into consideration, whether the Halloween costume is a clown, vampire, witch or Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.

Halloween Preparations:

Despite the dangers of Halloween face painting and makeup, it is undeniable how applying Halloween makeup is very central in achieving the perfect look.

The makeup you have on your mind should perfectly complement the Halloween costumes that you have picked out, and even the Halloween decorations that you have set up at home.

Make sure that you have thought it out carefully days before and have everything ready before the big day comes.

Halloween Make Up Tips:

Here are some Halloween makeup instructions for you:

  • Always begin with a clean face. It is best to apply some astringent then a very thin coat of Vaseline to facilitate easy makeup removal.
  • Find a good place with enough lighting and a comfortable chair to sit on.
  • Decide whether you will be using prosthetic pieces such as scars, scabs, warts, nose or built up areas around the face and apply them first.
  • After putting on those prosthetic, apply some foundation makeup. Your choice of color should depend on the effect you want to create. Use white for vampire look, grip for corpse, green for goblins and witches, red for devils and blue for a good frozen look. Apply lightly then pat to blend.
  • Makeup can be applied to achieve different textures. Use makeup brush strokes for a smoother appearance, while dappling motions for various effects. You can also create texture using a simple sponge or a rough texturing sponge.
  • It is important to emphasize the face using highlights and shadows. Employ a darker color for shadows and lighter ones for highlights. Shadowing can be achieved by taking a darker color of foundation and apply it on the cheeks, below the eyes, above the chin and your temples. A good Halloween eye makeup works for a more effective look. Shadow around the eyes for a more sunken look.
  • Highlight on the areas with fine lines, wrinkles and features. Remember that the brighter the highlight, the more fantastic you will look like.

Some Other Halloween Make Up Tips:

  • Don’t be afraid to go wild with Halloween makeup. It is Halloween, after all. You don’t want yourself or your child to look like yourself on this night where you are supposed to dress up.
  • Be sure to carefully choose the makeup chooses that you plan to use on Halloween beforehand.
  • Always experiment with applying the makeup that you plan to use during Halloween before the night actually comes. This will help prepare you for any obstacles that may occur.
  • Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily need to follow applying your makeup in a certain way. The way that you apply your makeup can make all the difference when it comes to distinguishing a difference between your witch costume and all of the other witch costumes that will be worn on Halloween.
  • Don’t think that you can become an expert at applying Halloween makeup in one night. Certain types makeup applications, such as wounds or anything else, can require a lot of practice and patience. Unless you put a lot of practice into this type of makeup application, you will probably not become an expert at it any time soon.