Natural Makeup Tips: Stop Looking Like a Clown

Makeup is a fun addition to any woman’s look; however, if used incorrectly it can appear trashy or, worse. However, makeup can be applied in a natural and feminine way if used correctly and sparingly. With winter around the corner, natural beauty wants to come out and play. These beauty tips for natural makeup will tell you how to apply (less) makeup for a natural look. Not every girl needs to be barbie gaga and not everyday. Sometimes, natural (or even no) makeup lights the way.

Everyone wants to wear makeup but we all want it to naturally enhance what we already have, so how do we get the best of both worlds by creating natural makeup looks. Many find this a hard look to achieve but actually its easier than you think.

When going for a natural makeup look, figure out your favorite facial features. You can have stronger eyes, or more defined lips, but not both. If you want to apply makeup to all your facial features, keep the look as minimal as possible. Look below for easy tips on creating natural makeup.

Natural Makeup Tips for Eyes:

If you consider your eyes to be your best feature, only put mascara on your top lashes enhancing your eyes and making them look bigger. Consider using brown or clear mascara rather than black black mascara is very heavy for summer, and gives you a more night-time look. Apply eyeliner to only the outer part of your eye. This elongates your eyes, again making them look bigger. If you can, avoid eyeliner completely.

Adding a touch of natural eyeshadow in nearly nude or earth colors such as brown and beige can add a natural brightness or sparkle to your eyes. Using a subtle eyeshadow color to complement your eye color can work just as well (for example, if you have green eyes, a shade of khaki would enhance your natural eye color).

Another option if you like to carry as little makeup as possible is to put nude concealer or foundation on the upper lids of your eyes, and a touch underneath. This instantly brightens your eyes without looking as though you are wearing any makeup. Vaseline is also a girl’s best friend, it feels a bit heavy and sticky, but a touch of vaseline on your upper eyelids refracts the light to enhance your eyes. We’ll be mentioning vaseline again – Mookychick does love vaseline so.

Natural Makeup Tips for Lips:

If you consider your lips to be your best feature, nude lip-gloss is definitely the best way to give your lips a natural shimmer. For paler skin, the perfect nude lip-gloss includes the more peachy-pink colors which will draw attention to your lips and add a pretty glow to your face.

For more olive-skinned girls, lean towards a warmer tone. For those with darker skin, you can afford to go for deeper pink tones. All skin tones look fantastic with a clear gloss.

Natural Makeup Tips for Face:

Lightly apply the blush to the apples of your cheeks. Blend the cheek color until a sun kissed glow is achieved. Last but not least, use a pink glossy finish on your lips. If you touch up your makeup every two hours, you’ll stay fresh and glowing. All you need is your cream blush, lip gloss and translucent powder compact.