Perfect Make Up Tips For Grey Eyes

Like all eye colors, there is no singular grey that encompasses all hues. Just like their green, blue, and brown-eyed sisters, there is a wide range of shades in grey eye colors. While grey-blue eyes are one of the more common grey eye colors, there are also pale greys, green-greys, dark greys, and hazel-greys. Although grey eye colors are not as prevalent as brown and blue, there are certainly many eye makeup shades that can work wonderfully.

  • One of the greatest advantage of this eye color is that actually grey is a pretty adaptable and neutral tone. Therefore it can be embedded into endless make up styles from the deep and dramatic looks to the natural and shimmery designs. In this case it is also highly recommended to analyze your skin tone as well as hair color. Warm shades look best with skin and strands tones that match the same characteristics. On the other hand the more profound and cold shades would suit those who have similar undertones in their complexion shade.
  • Additionally it is also important to mention that metallic shades are some of the must have effects that have the magic spell to bring out the beauty of grey eyes. As a consequence be confident to try your hand at the smoky glittery make up trends from silver, to gold and even copper. Moreover blue can be also an alternative from the candy to the disco style electric blue shades. Apply them with great care both when setting up your daytime as well as night-time make up.
  • Grey is indeed a chameleon shade as it can be easily turned into resembling green and also blue. In the case you would like to cheat your way to a turquoise or light green eye color opt for chocolate, brownish as well as green eyes shadow. As simple as that define your eyes with black eyeliner then cover the lids with the shades mentioned above to create the desired effect. Also make sure you top the effect of your flirty glimpse with mascara that can further contribute to the memorable look.
  • If blue is your option you can also go for the colors that would make your grey and neutral toned eyes more profound and piercing. In this case you’ll have endless options to try still the most efficient and visionary will be the yellow, bronze as well as golden tones. These warm shades would bring out the undertones of your skin. Draw a thin line along the lower lashline with blue or black eyeliner. This trick would pave the way for the fabulous outcome of your make up. Then apply the thin layer of eye shadow to the lids and finish up the look with mascara.
  • Besides the shades we already enlisted above we must also tackle the ones that might spoil the beauty of your grey eyes. These include the exact same shade as your natural color. Indeed why create a uniform look that would suppress rather than highlight the unique features. Also it is advisable to skip the neon orange and pink colors. These might give the impression of a more lifeless as well as artificial look. Instead for a natural allure make sure you keep in mind the guidelines above.