Gorgeous Spring Makeup Tips 2013

So, we are pretty much done with the winter season. Spring is finally upon us with all its glory and grandeur. Now is the time to overhaul your makeup bag and stock it with quick-fix products to open up your eyes and awaken your complexion in no time. You can also look good without putting on much make-up, or using minimum cosmetics. Are you looking for the make-up tips for spring 2013? So, here in this article I’m going to share with you some useful tips for spring makeup.

How To Apply Spring Makeup for 2013

  • This spring is all about the natural look. Just cleanse your skin twice a day and use a good tinted moisturizer for a natural makeup look.
  • You will also need a good under-eye concealer and lip balm. Remember, you can always have a perfect skin without wearing any make-up!
  • Eye-shadows work generously to add to your looks. Usually light shades, like pink, and lavender, appear good in spring season. Apply eye-shadow to lighten up your eyes. Lilac will also work well in the spring season.
  • Applying primer requires very little effort and yields big results. It brightens your skin immediately.
  • Mascara doesn’t only make your eyes attractive, but also lengthens the eye lashes. It adds lustrous shine to the eyelashes, making you look like a pretty doll and sexy woman, at the same time.
  • Make the most of the changing light. Apply a light dusting of a natural brown bronzer where the sun hits the face on the cheek bones, the bridge of the nose and on your forehead and chin.
  • Blush truly imparts a chic look. In this too, prefer light shades, usually pink and peach. Even a mixture of pink and peach looks good. You can also try other shades that go well with your complexion.
  • Lip colors either lighten up for daytime in spring, with lots of glossy pink and salmon, or they go bright with berries to balance lighter eyes and cheeks.

What do you think of these make-up trends for spring 2013? Hope you will like and try these tips in this season. If you know any useful tip about spring makeup, then please share with us via comments below.