Excellent Tips To Get The Perfect Summer Makeup Look

In the summer time, it becomes essential to take care of yourself even more than the rest of the year. In hot weather, applying your makeup should be as simple and comfy as putting on your favorite pair of jeans and flip-flops. When you need professional makeup artist advice these hot weather secrets will to help you achieve a look that can last all day. Follow these tips to stay gorgeous all the way ’til Labor Day.

How To Get Perfect Summer Makeup

  • Before you even think about makeup, apply a sunscreen that has SPF 30. Sunscreen not only protects your skin from cancer, but it prevents signs of aging, such as wrinkles and brown spots.
  • Go for a glow-giving base: Fake the best night’s sleep with glow skin. For an all over gleam (with a little extra coverage thrown in) smooth on an illuminating foundation to make your skin ping.
  • Make time for primer. You won’t regret the few seconds it will take to smooth on a primer, which goes on after moisturizer but before face makeup. Like house-paint primer, it provides a smooth base for whatever goes on next.
  • Gel Blush Looks Natural: There are a number of gel blushes and tinted blush sticks to choose from. Nars offers The Multiple in several shades. Benefit Cosmetics has Rush Hour which is good for medium and dark skin tones. Both are excellent for creating a natural look.
  • Waterproof mascara may seem like the obvious choice for summer, but the formulas tend to be clumpier than regular mascaras, so if you’re not going swimming, they’re not necessary. Consider one of the new lash tints that provide long-lasting color without the spidery clumps instead.
  • Highlight your best bits: To make your features pop, dot highlighter high on your cheekbones, under your brow arches and a little down your nose. Remember to be light-fingered or you’ll risk looking greasy.
  • Remember to Highlight Eyes: Eyes are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful features that one has. So for that you should go for eye shadows that are lighter in color, or are of neutral shades. Because neutral shade works the best in summers.
  • Switch out thick lipsticks. Since heavy lip colors often feel like overkill once the weather warms up, many women opt for clear balm or skip their lips altogether. A simple swipe-and-go choice: tinted lip balms. “They give you whisper-light color, and many even have SPF to protect you from the sun.

Hope you will have liked these effective makeup ideas for summer season. Remember, during the hot weather months it’s best to keep your makeup looking natural, fresh and sheer with products designed especially for hot weather.