Top 12 Bronzer Makeup Tips

The sun is never kind to our skin. Our skin tans if it is exposed to sun for a long time. The flawless complexion becomes sunburn within no time. But mild tanning is also considered healthy for the skin and mild tanned complexion is very attractive as well. This effect can be created artificially with the help of bronzer. Bronzer makeup when applied with perfection gives you a smooth tanned look which is no doubt the specialty of a dusky complexion.

One more advantage of bronzer makeup is that, it highlights the features of your face. Your beautiful cheek bones and other beauty bones get prominent when bronzer is applied with accuracy. A piquant face with highlighted features can be created with bronzer makeup. Read the following content get the bronzer makeup tips.

Bronzer Makeup Tips:

  1. If you have dry skin, a cream bronzer is the best option for you to choose. Cream based bronzer’s keep your skin hydrated while still making it look beautiful. A cream bronzer can also be worn during the winter season when the skin gets naturally dry. You can either use it to highlight a particular feature of your skin, or apply it on your entire face to obtain a sun-kissed effect.
  2. For a classic bronze tone, rely on liquid bronzers. These bronzers are translucent in color and get naturally absorbed into the skin. The best way of using a liquid bronzer is to use it along with a good foundation. Just blend the bronzer with your preferred foundation and apply it to your skin. The best advantage of a liquid bronzer is that it helps you to get the right tone you are looking for.
  3. If you are using a bronzer makeup for the first time, a powder bronzer can be a good option for you due to its simplicity of application.
  4. Choosing the right bronzer color can be a bit tricky. Fashion experts recommend picking a color that is one or two shades darker than your natural skin tone. If you have an olive skin tone, then an orange, amber, or honey toned bronzer will look good on you. If you have darker skin, go for brown, tawny, or cinnamon shades. Golden bronzers best suit people with medium fairness or yellowish skin tones.
  5. The final effect of a bronzer depends much on its application technique. Always start with applying the foundation and the powder first.
  6. The best way to apply a powder bronzer is by using a long brush. Take the bronzer on the brush and gently stroke your face with it. Concentrate on the cheek bones, chin, bridge of the nose, over the brows, and the forehead.
  7. Use a makeup sponge to apply a cream or liquid based bronzer. Blend the makeup well before applying; otherwise, it will leave spots on your face.
  8. If you are wearing a deep neck or an off shoulder dress, apply the bronzer on the exposed part of your body as well.
  9. Don’t overdo a bronzer; otherwise it will give you a fake and shabby look.
  10. While removing excess bronzer, don’t blow on the brush, because if a little moisture reaches the brush, it can lead to streaks.
  11. To get a metallic look, wear a copper colored lipstick and eye shadow along with the bronzer.
  12. If your skin is too dry, apply a good moisturizer before even applying the base foundation.

Types of Bronzers:

There are a wide range of vitamin enriched bronzers available in cosmetics stores. Pick from good brands that suit your skin the best. Some of the types of bronzers are pressed powder bronzer, sunless tanner and bronzer, deep tanning bronzer, aerosol bronzers, etc. Make sure the bronzer is long lasting and doesn’t fade away soon. Oil free bronzers are also available for oily skins.