Useful Make Up tips for Small Eyes

Getting ready for a big date or just a simple party night out with friends can be a little demanding, especially in terms of choosing the right shoes, dress, hairstyle and the makeup could be fun and confusing at the same time.

The most important part of the face that we would have to focus on when it comes to make up, is the eyes. This is because there are a lot of things that you need to apply, like the eyeliner, mascara and frequently, two colors for the eye shadow as base and final touch.

Here are some small eye makeup tips that can help give your eyes that extra pop. Using eyeliner is the best way to produce bigger, bolder, and more significant eyes. Eye make up can help overcome the problem of your small eyes, but when used correctly. Apply pastel-colored shades of eyeshadow on the entire lid, starting at your lashes, and blending up to your brow.

Eye Makeup for Small Eyes

Apply a base layer of eye shadow primer to the entire eyelid up to the eyebrow. This will prepare the eyelid for applying eye shadow and create a smooth area to work on. A primer also keeps eye shadow from creasing in the fine lines of small eyes. Creasing of eye shadow will look messy and darken eye shadow.

Spread a light color eye shadow across the entire eyelid. A good choice of eye shadow color for small eyes is a light ivory or silver. Avoid any eye shadow that is called frost. A bit of shimmer is okay, but a heavy frost will make eyes appear heavy and overdone. Dark eye shadows will only make eyes look dark and smaller.

Line eyes with a liner that is a deeper color of the eye shadow used. Do not line the entire eye. Apply a thin line to the outer edges of eyelids, darkening the corners of eye. An eyeliner that is too thick or too dark will make eyes look tiny.

Sweep a small amount of a light shade of eye shadow on the brow bone. This is the area right underneath the outer half of eyebrow. A good color to use is anything with just a small amount of shimmer. This highlights the entire eye and eyelid, creating a bright larger-looking eye. Try choosing a shadow that is a shimmery version of your natural skin color.

Curl upper eyelashes. Use an eyelash curler and curl top eyelashes. After curling, apply mascara to top lashes. Cover only upper lashes with two coats of a dark brown mascara. This will pull lashes away from the center of the eye and allow the white part of the eye to be more visible.


  • Thick eyebrows can diminish and overpower the eyes. Plucking away stray and excess hairs along the brow bone can enlarge the eyes.
  • Choosing eye shadow shades that are in the same family as your natural eye color can actually make eyes appear smaller.