Useful Makeup Tips for Looking Young

Most women have to undergo this phase once in their lifetime. Little do they know that make-up is still their best tool. However, in many cases, wrong make-up can also be the reason for making your signs of ageing prominent.

It’s time to face it. Those wrinkles in the mirror. Flat, dull hair. Even your hands are starting to look crepey and old. You always knew these things were going to happen, but you didn’t expect it to come so soon. You need a little boost to look younger, so you can start enjoying the freedom and fun in growing older. Here are some simple makeup tips that will boost your spirit and help you celebrate who you really are.


An aging makeup too heavy. This also applies to the foundation. You need to choose a product that presents to face a naturalness that is as realistic as possible. The celebrities on the red carpet (or their makeup artists) often apply the following trick: correct the imperfections of the skin made up with a concealer and then apply a very light foundation on the areas not yet covered. In practice, reversing the usual order, before the correction and then the foundation, in doses as small as possible.

The Gloss for Fuller Lips

The full lips are sensual and are often associated with looking young. This is easy to understand if you know that inevitably with age, our lips tend to shrink. So we need to look younger to use products that make your lips fuller, and the right product to achieve this effect is the gloss. A dull and dark lipstick makes your lips look thinner, a lipstick and clear gloss with a little ‘of the gloss makes it look fuller, young and sexy.

White Eyes and Rested

Often happen to have red eyes for a sleepless night, a glass too many, long hours at computers or books. Therefore keep on hand eye drops. But do not overdo it with these products, which should be used sparingly, in the long run might produce an opposite effect to that desired.

Bushy Eyebrows

Eyebrows have much hair on the effect a bit ‘too retro’ and make it look older. Do not let them get too thin then, even used a pencil to make them appear thicker. This will make you look younger years, but be careful not to make them too dark.

Blue eyeshadow

Who does not want to use eye drops to a closer remarried may opt for a trick ‘smokey eyes’ dark blue, the color balance of red eyes look tired and makes it look younger.

Less Make-up Can

More trick used accumulated more years. Better to keep your makeup as natural as possible. They can be fashionable red lips, but try to use a lighter shade, and choose warm colors for the base. Do you opt for the compact foundations but creamy formula and heated temples, jaw and sides of the face with a gold or bronze powder.

A Healthy Complexion, Cheeks ‘Flushed’

Often we are tempted to apply the blush as it was years in the eighties, a diagonal line under the cheekbones that made her look slimmer face. But this is precisely the result that getting older we do not want to get. For a younger look apply the blusher on the cheeks of the cheeks and try to replace the usual orange / red with a pale pink for the look of a girl in love.

Soft Lines

The hard lines get old, soft lines and rejuvenate. Faded, faded and vanished once again your makeup. Buy a pair of special brushes to get some very soft and blended especially eye shadow and blush. Replace the liquid eyeliner with a soft pencil for eyes and blurred the line with a brush.

Natural lashes

For the upper lashes you can use black mascara. Choose a natural-product but not fixing the lower lashes or use a lighter mascara (brown). At posot of mascara for lower lashes, you can also fade a bit ‘under the eye of eye shadow for a softer effect.