The Happy Valentine’s Day Makeup Tips for 2014

Waiting for an occasion to dress up and look pretty? Well, there’s one special day coming up this month – the Valentine’s Day. If you’ve got a special date this Valentine’s Day 2014, you’ll want to look extra special as well! This Valentine’s Day, spice up your look with some of these simple and sexy makeup tips. Every woman deserves to be glamorous on V-Day.

The Most Effective Valentine’s Day Makeup Tips

  1. Instead of choosing a med- full coverage foundation, go with a tinted moisturizer instead and top with a powder.  It’s a more natural finish and it will even out your skin tone without looking heavy.
  2. Apply primer (an eye base) to your lid before shadow application.
  3. Red is the standard color for Valentine’s day but when using it on your look, be careful when using it around your waterline. The results can make you look scary or sickly if not done right.
  4. Choose colors that complement your skin tone and hair color. All shades can be divided into two families – cool tones and warm tones.
  5. Begin by applying mascara to your natural eyelashes. Then add the false lashes along the rim of your eyes. You could also add some shimmer shadow to your lids for a slightly glitzy look.
  6. Most guys fear lipstick because of the stickiness and the transfer of color onto their lips and face after kissing. To avoid this wear lip products with more stay-power and with a smoother texture. Think a lip-stain, tinted lip balm or lip butter.

Hope you will like and adopt these event party makeup tips. If you know any tips about these so please share with us via comments below.